activities for college students

Get to Know Your Roommates with These Fun Activities

activities for college students

You’ll learn a lot in college.

And we’re talking much more than just your field of study.

There’s almost no better learning experience than that of having a roommate. You’ll not only learn about the roommate, but you’ll learn about yourself.

Especially if you’re moving in with a total stranger.

The best way to get to know your new roomie? Get involved in different activities for college students.

And with such a wealth of activities for college students, you’ll get to know your roommate in no time at all.

By activities for college students, we don’t mean just frat parties or football games. This is connecting on a more intimate level. Here are our top recommendations:

Volunteer together

If you did any volunteering to add some sparkle to your college application, you probably discovered that helping others is pretty cool.

Volunteering with people creates a powerful connection. There are usually volunteer opportunities right on campus. But if not, you can certainly find others right in your community.

So get out there. Donning a hairnet and serving soup with someone is a hugely bonding experience.

Talk food

Food is the perfect ice breaker. After all, we all eat.

Start the ball rolling by asking about each other’s favorite and (more interestingly) least favorite foods. Hit the grocery store or food mart together.

Soon enough, you’ll be chowing down on midnight breakfast together at an all-night diner, studying for your next exam.

The power of the binge

These days, what you watch on TV speaks volumes.

Even if you’re a Shameless person, while your new roommate is more into Duck Dynasty, that’s okay. You won’t agree on everything.

But you can binge watch your mutual faves, right along with the ones you want to hoist upon each other. You might be surprised to find that duck calls are your thing.

Shop online together

How cool is it to acknowledge that you love that ridiculous guitar while your roomie longs for leggings spattered with kittens?

There’s a deep intimacy that comes with simultaneously wasting money on things that you don’t need. And cheering each other on makes it even better.

Play Cards Against Humanity

Seriously. It’s not only telling, but hilarious.

Even though your roommate has no control over the cards drawn, they do have a choice as to which ones to use.

It’s a sneaky way to begin to understand one another’s idiosyncracies and, well, depravities.

Stalk each other on social media… and then OWN it

Get a head start and find out what your roomie’s been up to in the years before you were brought together.

Find out whether your roommate is a city or country dweller. Dig up an embarrassing middle school picture of him in braces. Carry with you the knowledge that she once worked as a hand model.

You’ll know you’ve reached the pinnacle of roommate bonding when you can openly confess to each other such stalkiness. What seemed creepy at first will eventually feel adorable.

This is just a small sampling of activities for college students that’ll help you bond with your new roommate. Do you have any you want to share?