ULearn the Causes of Structural Foundation Problems


The words ‘foundation problems’ are enough to fill a homeowner’s heart with dread! But before you panic, remember help is at hand.

In fact, a concrete foundation repair can be cheaper than you think.

A foundation problem is a serious issue, and it should always be repaired as quickly as possible. Failing to take action could lead to major structural problems in your home and, at the very least, it will affect the resale value.

The foundations are the most important element of any building. Not surprising then, that evidence of foundation damage can knock up to 15% off the value of your home.

Always Call A Professional

The good news is that if the repair is done professionally, it’s rare for a reoccurrence, even on the hard and soft clay soils found in Dallas.

The secret is checking your property regularly, and knowing what signs to look for, should a foundation problem be present.

Two of the most common causes of foundation problems are water and soil.

If your soil is too wet, it will swell, pushing up your foundations. When it dries, the soil will settle again.

But this continual movement will eventually cause cracks in the concrete.

Inadequate Drainage

Excess water can come from many sources, including heavy rainfall, snow melt, and plumbing leaks, and the problem will be exacerbated if your property has poor drainage.

Inadequate drainage is a leading cause of foundation problems and often, the homeowner is unaware of this until an issue is detected.

Sometimes the issues that cause foundation problems have been there since construction. In which case, if your property is still under warranty, your concrete foundation repair may be covered.

Severe Weather Conditions

Problems can also occur due to severe weather conditions, earthquakes, and general subsidence – long after the property was built.

If the problem has been caused by an ‘event’, you should be aware of it immediately, so you can take prompt action to get it remedied. However, if the damage has been happening for some time, there are telltale signs to look out for.

In fact, the presence of foundation problems is one of the main things smart buyers look for when shopping for a new home in Dallas! Most older homes in the area will show small cracks, due to the clay soil.

Signs To Look Out For

Generally, these are around the edge of the foundations and shouldn’t pose too serious a threat. However, if you notice that doors and windows no longer fit or work properly, there could be a more serious issue. Cracks in interior walls are also a giveaway.

If you’re buying a home, this shouldn’t put you off. It is generally repairable and it may help you negotiate a lower price.

Take Preventative Measures

If you’re a homeowner, seek advice immediately from a professional concrete foundation repair company. They will walk you through the damage and suggest a plan of action.

In the meantime, do what you can to avoid damage by ensuring your property has suitable drainage, and water is not pooling. Check that gutters and downspouts have at least a 5% downgrade, and any plumbing leaks are quickly fixed.