Homemade flashlight

How to Make a Homemade Flashlight

Homemade flashlight

Although a Fenix flashlight is a must-have, you can always learn how to make a homemade flashlight.

Maybe you just want something to tinker with or you just want to have fun with the kids when power is out. Either way, it’s actually really easy to build your own flashlight.

If you want to build your own, follow these steps for this fun DIY project.

What You Will Need

Your supply list is simple, and most of these things can be purchased at your local dollar store, or you probably have them around the house already.

You will need:

• An empty paper towel or toilet paper roll
• Two batteries, size D
• Electrical tape
• A short length of wire, preferably copper
• A small lightbulb, preferably 2.2 V.

Step One: Tape Things Up

Use your electrical tape to fasten the wire to the negative end of one of your D batteries.

Now use the same electrical tape to seal the bottom of one of the ends of the toilet paper roll. This will make sure that the contents, and the actual light, don’t shake or move.

Step Two: Insert Your Battery

Now put your battery into the tube, with the taped/wired end facing down in the bottom. Make sure nothing gets loose along the way. Next, insert the other battery, negative side down/positive side up.

This is pretty much the alignment in any sort of standard flashlight. It ensures a strong electric current.

Step Three: Secure Your Light

Next, tape the lightbulb to the top of the battery, making sure there is solid contact between the bottom of the board and the positive end of the battery. Be sure to tape it securely so it doesn’t move out of place.

Step Four: Let There Be Light

Now touch the other end of the wire to the silver part of the lightbulb. It should light up and you should be in business. If it doesn’t light up, you need to do a bit of troubleshooting. Make sure:

• The battery isn’t dead
• The lightbulb hasn’t burnt out
• Your taped connections haven’t come loose.

If it works, touching the wire to the silver part of the lightbulb is your on and off switch.

Take It to the Next Level

If you want a bit more of a traditional light switch, there’s a different method, but it takes a little bit more work.

Basically, you insert two brass tacks into the side of the tube, no more than a paper clip’s distance away from each other. This is important, because you’re going to use a paperclip as your light switch.

You will fasten the paperclip to one end, and leave it loose enough to move on or off of the other one. You will connect the wire inside the tube to each of the tacks, so the current will only flow when the paperclip is in contact with both tacks.

So, that’s how you to make a homemade flashlight. If power is out and you cannot get to your Fenix flashlight, a homemade one will no doubt come in handy!