origami flower

Simple Steps to Making a Beautiful Origami Flower

These days, everyone is looking to add a little something extra to their look. You may have even heard about the Origami Hair created for Carolina Herrera’s recent runway show!

In this post, you’ll learn how to make another show-stopping accessory you can wear (or display in your home) anywhere: The Origami Flower.

This post will teach you using the easiest folds, so it’s accessible no matter what your skill level is.

origami flower

How to Get Started On Your Flower

Excellent folding starts with excellent materials! Still, even though this is an easy fold, we suggest that you don’t start with your most expensive, “final product” paper just yet. Instead, take a practice turn on more affordable origami paper.

Especially since we want your origami flower to be able to be used as a hair accessory, you won’t need to create a “stem” for this basic flower.

For this flower, you’ll be making individual “petals.” That means you’ll need about 4 pieces of origami paper. We suggest using a 6 by 6 inch (about 15 by 15 centimeters) sheet of paper.

Begin with the white side of the paper facing up (basically, start with your piece of paper upside-down.)

Next Steps

1) Turn your paper so it looks like a diamond, then fold the bottom half of your paper into a triangle shape, horizontally. Make sure to line up the points before you make your crease!

2) With your triangle still facing point up, take the left point of the triangle and fold it so its tip is lined with the top triangle point. Repeat the same with the right side of the triangle.

Now, your paper should look like a smaller version of the same diamond you started folding with.

Once you’ve really creased your edges, unfold (yes, you read that correctly) your paper back out to a triangle shape. You’ve made lines that will guide you later.

3) Now, take the left point of your original triangle in your hand. Gently fold it diagonally to meet the last crease you just made and unfolded. Do the same with the right point of the triangle.

Your paper will now look like a little hat! Next, just turn your paper over (so the folds don’t show.)

4) Fold down the two “points” of your triangles backward over themselves. Give your two new folds serious creases again, then go ahead and unfold them.

Then, flip your paper back over, so the creases and folds are visible again.

5) Now, you’ll need something we rarely use in origami – glue (this is optional, but depending on the quality of your paper, and since this is a beginner flower, it may help hold your folds in place.)

Fold the left and the right points of your triangle up and towards the center, so that you have two funnel-like shapes that meet right in the middle.

Repeat steps 1 through 5 to make three more petals.

6. Then, line up the petals how you like, and glue them together!

Looking For Even More Origami Ideas?

It’s safe to say that origami, with its intricate, beautifully crafted folds, has cemented its impact on the world of fashion.

But there are so many other designs, objects, and even animals you can create with a simple piece of paper.

If you practice your folding a little every day, you’ll be able to master even the most challenging of origami creations!