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How to Know if You Should File a Data Breach Lawsuit

data breach lawIt’s a nightmare many have faced and few want to hear about: a company you trusted with your information suffered a data breach.

How much information was lost? Your identification, your credit card number, your bank account?

After canceling your credit cards and changing your passwords, what else is left to do?

Should you file a lawsuit? Is it time to bring in a data breach law firm?

Experiencing a data breach is nerve-wracking as it is. We’ve got answers that are going to guide you through this difficult time and get the results you need.

The World Of Data Breaches

You might think it’s rare that companies slip up and lose your data, but you’d be wrong.

In the last few years, it came to light that a whopping 43% of companies have suffered a data breach.

When Yahoo lost around 500 million people’s information, it was a startling wake-up call.

But if this happens to you, should you take it to court? How can you be successful?

How Greatly Were You Affected?

One of the biggest factors determining success in court was the degree of damage you suffered.

You might lose a password to your email. Although you certainly feel vulnerable, it doesn’t always translate into success in court.

Some cases have been thrown out of court for not proving sufficient damage done.

In these suits, the company lost passwords, bank accounts, and even social security numbers.

Without proof of financial injury, the court dismissed the suit.

Get with a data breach law firm to make sure you’ve got a solid case.

Did The Company Protect You?

Another huge stumbling block to a successful data breach lawsuit? The company’s own internal security system.

To prove the company was careless with your data, you need to prove they were negligent with security.

Your success in court truly hinges on the level of protection they offered their customers.

If they’re found wanting, you’ve got a better chance with your data breach lawsuit.

How Soon Did They Notify You?

This is a big deal, one that proves a company had your best interests at heart.

No one wants to be the bearer of bad news, especially if it’s your own fault. Companies are naturally no different.

But if they knew there was a breach and they hid it from their customers, that shows a level of maliciousness.

Depending on how quickly they made you aware there was a data breach, you might have a strong case for a lawsuit.

Read The Fine Print

Even with all of your ducks in a row, the company might still have a layer of legal protection that will block your lawsuit.

Read the fine print of any agreement you have with the business to see if, even if they were negligent, you’ve waived any rights to legal recourse.

It’s not easy getting through all of that legalese; contact a good data breach law firm to help you out.

Suffering a data breach is difficult, but hiring the best professionals doesn’t have to be. Get the legal help you need and deserve.