Essential Oils

How to Use Natural, Essential Oils

Essential OilsChances are that you have that one friend that swears by essential oils, but maybe you don’t know where to start.

Here’s what you need to know about how essential oils work and how they can be used.

What are natural oils?

Natural oils are better known as “essential oils.”

Essential oils give a plant its distinct smell. They are aromatic compounds that are found in various parts of the plant, such as:

  • flowers
  • seeds
  • bark
  • stems
  • roots

If you have ever enjoyed the smell of a rose you have experienced essential oils.

Essential oils are made of organic compounds with molecules that are able to shift from one state of matter (solid, liquid, and gas) more quickly than most. This ability is what makes the smell travel so quickly and is what makes essential oils ideal for aromatherapy.

Common essential oils are lavender, rose oil, and cinnamon oil. Essential oils are widely available. For example, you can buy cannabis oil online.

Now that we know what natural oils are, let’s take a look at a few common ways to use them.


Using natural oils in the bath is great for relaxation, but must be used properly. If the oils are added directly to the bath water, they will not disperse and the oil will come into direct contact with your skin. This, in combination with the warm bath water, can lead to irritation.

First, mix the essential oil with bath salts or an emulsifier such as sesame oil or milk to allow the oil to disperse equally.

Typically you only need five to ten drops of essential oil for use in the bath and you should use a milder oil, such as:

  • lavender oil
  • rose oil
  • frankincense oil
  • sandalwood oil
  • cedar oil
  • fir oil
  • pine oil

Spicy oils like cinnamon oil or thyme oil and citrus oils like bergamot oil should be avoided for the bath.

Take a deep breath

Essential oil diffusers are a great way to transform a room quickly and easily.

Candle diffusers and electric heat diffusers are commonly used because they are extremely low maintenance. However, because both methods use heat, they can damage the oil in the process of diffusing it and the resulting scent won’t be nearly as strong.

Instead, opt for a cool air nebulizing diffuser. This system used air pressure to vaporize the oils. The vapor is then condensed and diffused little by little into the air around it.

It only takes a few minutes for essential oils to be carried around the house. So sit back, take a deep breath, and feel the relaxation wash over you.

Work out those knots

Natural oils can be the key to the most relaxing massage you have ever had.

Just like with the bath you will need another vehicle to carry the essential oils. In this case, add the essential oil of your choosing to another type of massage oil.

The typical ratio is 10-20 drops of essential oil to 30ml of massage oil, but this can differ depending on what type of natural oil you are using.

Then all you need to do is find some capable hands and feel all your stress and muscle aches melt away.