web design skills

5 Amazing Free Courses for Aspiring Web Designers

web design skills


Want to get a head start with your web design education? Free courses are a great way to learn the fundamentals of design.

Are you an aspiring web designer looking to grow? Is the idea of going to school for a future in this profession not ideal for you?

Most opportunities in the art and design world are all about networking, having the right video business cards to get your foot in the door, and the perfect portfolio– no school involved.

With these amazing free design courses, you won’t have to pay a penny to improve your technical skills.

Check out our list of five awesome free courses for web designers below!

5 Amazing Free Courses for Aspiring Web Designers

Ready to go from aspiring web designer to working web designer? These courses will help.

5. Learn Layout

Learn Layout is the best free course you could talk to learn more about coding. While the course doesn’t cover the bare basics of CSS and HTML such as properties and values, it does provide additional resources to help you get up to pace.

Learn Layout features twenty neatly sectioned courses for improving your web coding abilities. The minimalist design of the website and visually engaging lessons are great for the novice or the expert coder.

4. Dash General Assembly

Dash General Assembly offers lessons covering HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. In addition to coding, this course also helps beginner web designers learn how to improve visual aesthetics.

While DGA doesn’t go super in-depth when it comes to programming, it’s a useful (and free!) course to take to get a grasp on the basics of coding and concepts of design.

3. Aquent Gymnasium

This fitness-themed course is an excellent source for lessons that cover a myriad of things one must know to be a web designer, including:

  • Responsive design
  • Front end design
  • CSS and HTML
  • UX design and development
  • Flash and Javascript

Aquent Gymnasium utilizes video lessons as well.

2. Webmaking 101

This course from P2PU offers seven different challenges, from writing HTML by hand to publishing a website successfully. It’s a very basic course and ideal for those who are out of the loop on how to properly stage a site.

Webmaking 101 also boasts lessons that target both responsive and dynamic website design. Plus, it’s all peer-run, meaning errors can be corrected and content can be added by other users.

1. Code Avengers

If you want to learn how to code web pages, applications, and games, Code Avengers is the course for you. In-depth lessons (we’re talking hours upon hours of content) cover everything from basic HTML to Python, computer science, and game development.

Code Avengers is an excellent choice because it is free, boasts hands-on teaching methods, and also helps aspiring web designers build their portfolio as well. With over a million happy users, Code Avengers is definitely recommended.

When you’re ready to improve your web design skills, there are so many resources out there that can help. Use these 5 courses to help to take your skills to the next level!