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What Courses Do You Need for Fashion Design?

fashion designNatural talent certainly helps in the fashion design business. But fashion isn’t just about your practical ability and knowledge of the latest trends, what looks great on certain body types, and how many collections you can put out each year.

It takes a lot of hard work, not to mention incredible focus, to be a successful fashion designer.

To set the foundations of their experience, many designers turn to higher education. But there are so many courses and colleges out there. Flipping through a magazine for five minutes should tell you that ‘fashion design’ is a very broad world indeed.

Depending on your own priorities and interests, you might have a vague outline in mind of the course you want to take. But which is really for you?

In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of design courses.

Fashion design courses

A fashion design course can help you advance your knowledge and give you the opportunity to improve your practical skills. These can include courses on textile work, cutting, and sewing, for example.

These are all really important to get right. After all, poorly made clothes, even with a great idea behind them, are still poorly made clothes!

You will learn about the importance of sketching (it really is important), attend shows, and learn how to manage your own fashion house.

During your course, your portfolio of work will continue to grow. You should always work with the aim of making future employers and clients say “wow!” If your clothes look like everyone else’s designs, there’s no wow-factor at all.

While this gives you a good overall picture of the industry and helps you build contact with other like-minded designers, it’s not the only option.

Graphic design

Graphic design courses are great for enhancing your drawing and ideation skills. You’ll learn to build concepts and final products from briefs, refine your own creative process, and learn how to communicate your idea to others.

These are all invaluable skills in the fashion industry. Developing these skills can put you in good standing to manage teams and large projects. It can even come in handy when you’re getting couture or commissioned design orders in the future.

Art history

The links between art history and fashion design might seem a bit tenuous at first.

But fashion is a form of art. By specializing in fashion history via an art history course, you can build up an expert knowledge of how fashion has transformed through the ages.

It’s really quite fascinating – there are even museum exhibitions around the world covering the subject!

Work experience

Of course, courses can only get you so far. If you’re looking to start your own fashion house or boutique one day, it would also make sense to pick up some work experience.

Coupled with the right education, work experience can really open doors.

In fact, you may find that building the right connections by working in the right places is as valuable as even a college degree — if not more so.

Fashion design is one of the most competitive industries out there. So the more people you know, the more opportunities you will hear about before they’re offered to the general public.

Good luck!

Once you’ve chosen the right course for you, the next step is applying. It can be daunting, and it’ll be a lot of hard work, but worth it in the end.