kids room

How to Design The Coolest Bedroom for Your Kid

kids room

Decorating a bedroom for your kid can be a fun and exciting project. The trick is to strike the right balance between fun and style, with options that will provide long-lasting enjoyment.

Remember that for many kids, the bedroom doubles as a play space, so finding a way to make the room playful, while fulfilling the functions of a playroom and bedroom, can ensure that you and your child will enjoy the room.

In this guide, we’ll cover how to design the coolest bedroom for your kid from floors to walls, and everything in between.

Design Meets Function Under-Foot

What you choose to put on the floor of your kid’s bedroom not only impacts the feel of the room but also the time it takes you to keep it clean.

A great option for flooring is to lay down carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are easy to clean and some are even machine-washable. If a single tile gets too damaged or dirty, you can replace it.

Draw on the Walls

Kids are going to draw on the walls eventually. Why not make the walls something the kids can draw on?

Chalkboard paint is great for allowing your child to express her or his creativity without damaging the room. Because chalkboard paint can be tinted in a dozen different colors, you’re not confined to slate-black walls.

Whimsical Lighting

The lights in the room may not matter that much to your child, but they can. Add to the fun with lighting such as paper lanterns. Round paper lanterns look like bubbles.

They come in a variety of colors, too, and they’re easy to install.

Furniture & Storage

Now that you have flooring, walls, and lighting, your kid is going to need somewhere to sleep. She or he will need somewhere to store toys.

A great place to start is with picking out bedroom sets you like. Then you know you’re getting all the furniture your child needs.

Teepees and tents can give your child a fun place to play that’s all their own. They can have in-room campouts with friends or a private place to keep their favorite toys.

Storage bins and baskets are a great way to help your child keep the room clean. You can label the bins with words, or for younger children, pictures. Ensuring that there’s a place to keep their toys makes clean-up easier than just pushing everything under the bed or piling it in the closet.

If you’re feeling brave, you can simply hand your child a book of stickers and close the door, hoping for the best. (Or for a bit more control, give your child one area to decorate with stickers).

No matter how you choose to decorate your child’s bedroom, remember that you want to get as much time out of your choices as possible. Make it easy for your kid to enjoy bedtime in his or her room as much as playtime.

Most important, remember that this is your kid’s room. Try to include your child in some of the decorating decisions.