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How to Write an Infomercial Script That Sells

fotolia 8599103 subscription monthly mThe perfect infomercial contains enough information to interest the viewer and enough about a product to hook them. It should be a good blend of “we know what the issue is” and “we have the product/service to fix it!”

With a good script, the audience will recognize the issue and believe the product/service offered will resolve the problem. Plus, they will be engaged in the “story” and hopefully amused!

So how should an infomercial script be written in order to reach the goal of selling the product or service?

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

The best way to begin on an infomercial script is through a brainstorming or ideas meeting. A group of people can gather together and pool their ideas or thoughts. A rule should be made that no idea is too silly.

Creativity should be allowed to flow. An idea which may be rejected as too ‘out-there’ at the start could just work. The original concept can be molded and shaped into a very good infomercial.

Let everyone go a little mad with their thoughts. A dash of crazy never hurts when creating scripts.

Outline The Infomercial Script

Once an idea has been decided upon the infomercial script should be drafted into a rough outline. This can take the form of a storyboard complete with sketches, diagrams, or illustrations of the idea.

Creating an outline will ensure that the script does not change too much from the original idea. The outline will also allow other ideas to be introduced in a way which does not allow the key message to be lost.

Have fun with the storyboard. Once again, slightly crazy creativity could give the script a boost.

Penning The First Draft

The first draft will take the concept and the outline and combine them into an early stage script. This draft can be used to show exactly what is hoped to be gained by the infomercial and which format can best deliver that message.

An infomercial script can be used for a range of media productions. The infomercial may take the form of a documercial, a news-style, or a long-form production. The professional teams at reputable infomercial companies can help with choosing the best format for the script.

The first draft is exactly that – the first. Don’t stress too much about what is written down at this stage.

Content With The Content?

Once the first draft is finished it is time to change, tweak, alter and mold the script into a final draft. This phase can include changes to sentence structure, spelling, grammar, and format.

It is suggested that another person should read the script at this stage. Often another person will recognize parts of the script which don’t gel. Suggestions may be made on areas which have room for improvement.

Take the time to remove anything that doesn’t quite fit with the message at this point.

Timing Is Everything

After the script has been completed the final step is to create a visualization of the infomercial. This means the script should be acted out or dramatized.

The script should be timed to ensure it meets the criteria for length. The message should be clear and the viewer should be accurately directed to the end result. The message should not appear clunky, awkward, or forced in any way.

If this occurs it pays to go back a step and revise the content.

And most of all, enjoy creating an infomercial which sells!