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How You Can Use Humor in the Classroom

fotolia 89841123 subscription monthly mFor many students, school is a drag. To make matters worse, many teachers don’t make sitting in a classroom for hours on end more exciting for them. Some educators either don’t care to do so or simply don’t know how.

Perhaps the teachers who have no desire to make learning fun are a lost cause. The educators who truly want to make learning fun for their students, however, are a different story.

So what’s today’s lesson? Humor 101.

Let The Funny Flow

The thought of turning a classroom into a comedy club can be scary for many teachers. Most people aren’t born comedians. Whenever it’s time to tell a joke, they have to put some real effort into crafting it.

Overthinking jokes, however, won’t do a teacher any good in the classroom.

Planning some jokes ahead is perfectly fine. Scripting every joke, though, is just the opposite. If students catch on, they’ll begin to think that the teacher is trying too hard.

And, no one wants to be the teacher that tries too hard. Students might think that he or she is desperate and take advantage of that fact.

Piece Together Fun Lessons

Integrating comedy into lesson plans can take the some of the pressure off of a teacher who aspires to amuse students. Every joke that a teacher has planned out is a joke that he or she doesn’t have to think up in class.

The educator should take the opportunity to make the planned jokes really stand out. He or she should make them interactive and let students participate in some of them if possible.

The teacher should also make sure that the jokes appeal to students. If for example, a teacher’s students love sports, he or she could try making some basketball or football jokes.

The students will thank the teacher for the thoughtful activities since, as things stand now, most students are bored at school.

Keep It Clean

Some teachers can get rather bold with the types of jokes they tell. Some teachers use profanities and even make sexual jokes from time to time.

Such jokes would be okay under other circumstances. But educators are interacting with other people’s children. They shouldn’t be exposing the kids to foul language and sexual content.

Needless to say, teachers who go this route do so at their own risk. If a parent finds out that the teacher has been telling inappropriate jokes on the job, the situation can get ugly.

Keep It Positive

Jokes, as it turns out, are not always just jokes. That said, when an educator makes a joke about a student’s performance or intelligence, that student will wonder how much of the jab was “just a joke.”

Simply put, getting a few laughs out of students at another student’s expense is unacceptable. As far as a teacher making self-deprecating jokes goes, however, they’re acceptable as long as they’re clean.

Just Have Fun

The most important part of incorporating humor into lesson plans is just having fun. Humor is about bringing out the best in not only students but in the teacher as well.

Standing up in front of a bunch of children and trying to be funny is difficult at first. With time, though, it gets easier. All educators have to do is keep at it.