woman washing clothes

Brilliant Ways to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

woman washing clothesDo you have a favorite blouse or pair of pants? Ones that you want to keep fresh and brilliant looking for years to come? We all have those staple clothing items we can’t do without.

But how do you achieve this? Besides throwing your clothes in a washing machine, there are steps you can take to help your clothes last longer and remain well-washed.

Below we outline the best four ways to make your clothes last longer. Let’s get right into it!

1. Use a Drying Rack

Instead of throwing all your clothes into the dryer at once, consider using a drying rack or clothesline to air dry your wardrobe. You can also leave your clothes drying on a towel if you don’t have a clothesline.

This will help keep your clothes from aging prematurely. To keep colors from fading, you want to choose cold water when throwing clothes in the washing machine.

Warm water breaks fibers down, which causes colors to fade. Use liquid detergent as well because it dissolves well in cold water.

2. Carry a Stain Removal Pen

You probably use a washer and dryer to keep your clothes clean, but spot cleaning is also a great way to keep your clothes from staining and help them last longer. Be sure to carry a stain removal pen with you in either your purse or car.

If you see a stain on your clothes, use your stain removal pen immediately. Otherwise, the stain may seep into the fabric and be harder to get rid of.

Follow the instructions on the stain removal pen carefully to make sure you don’t ruin your clothes. You will still need to wash your clothes to remove any additional dirt.

3. Follow the Fabric Label’s Instructions

Be sure to read the fabric label on your shirts and pants and follow the instructions exactly. If the label says to only wash your clothes in cold water, then do so.

If the label tells you that it is a dry clean only garment, then be sure to take that suit, shirt, or dress to the dry cleaners. This is especially important if it’s a brand-new item.

If the label says to hand-wash an item, you can use the gentle cycle on your washer. It’s often called ‘hand-wash’. Sweaters can also be hand washed instead of dry-cleaned.

If you’re not sure how best to clean a piece of clothing, follow the directions on the fabric label.

4. Sort Your Laundry Into Piles

A surefire way to keep your clothes lasting longer is to sort your laundry into whites and colors as well as more lightweight materials. Otherwise, your white clothes may take on a dark tint.

For example, you don’t want a black hoodie to be in the same pile as a white blouse. Sorting your clothes isn’t just for washing, but drying as well.

You need to select different temperatures for your clothes when you use the dryer. Read the labels on your wardrobe to figure out what type of heat the fabrics can handle.

If you use too high of a temperature, your clothes may shrink or the fibers may become damaged. To keep clothes lasting longer, read the labels before choosing a temperature.

Taking these steps should help your wardrobe last longer. Do you have any other great tips for keeping your clothes lasting longer? If so, let us know in the comments below!