assembling furniture

Furniture Assembly: The Best Ways to Save Your Thumbs

assembling furnitureIs there anything more exciting than getting a new couch or a table?

After spending lots of time browsing online and in store, you’ve finally found what you’re looking for.

Now that you have your new piece of furniture, it’s time to put it together. Modular furniture is all the rage. It’s supposed to be quick, but sometimes “quick” and “easy” assembly isn’t guaranteed.

Master The Art of Assembling Furniture

Are you tired of spending hours on assembling furniture that was supposed to take mere minutes?

If you have confusing directions or may be missing some tools, find the right way to handle putting together furniture. Soon, you’ll be able to put together anything.

Account for Everything

The diagram shows that you’re supposed to have four screws, but you were only given three.

There are supposed to be 5 washers included, but for some reason, you think you were given extra.

Before you put things together, take account of what you were given in the box. Count how many pieces you have to make sure that you have the correct amount. If you have some styrofoam bricks, gently stick nails, screws, and other things in it to ensure that you don’t lose them.

Once you’ve done that, see what tools you need. Some furniture may not require the use of tools. Still, it can be useful to have a screwdriver or hammer around just in case you need it.

Read Through The Instructions

When we say read through the instructions, we don’t mean to just follow them. Before you start the assembly process, read through the directions from the beginning to the end.

Reading through directions can be helpful for many reasons. Keep in mind that certain steps may not make sense in the moment. However, they will eventually make sense a step or two later. Being familiar with the assembly process ensures that you don’t accidentally make the assembly process much harder for yourself.

Be Gentle

Modular furniture can be built to last, but the pieces can be delicate. If you use too much force, or aren’t gentle, you could end up breaking something important. That’s not great news for your wallet.

The number one rule to assembling furniture is to not force things. If you’re having trouble putting in a wooden dowel or getting pieces to connect, don’t try to force them together.

Use a level

You’ve just assembled your newest piece of furniture and you’re ready to put it to good use. However, the moment you sit down or place something on it, you notice that it’s uneven.

There’s nothing worse than putting something together and realizing that there’s something wrong. To ensure that everything is placed properly and that your furniture is resting easily, use a level. If you don’t have a level handy, you could download an app on your phone that can do the same thing.

Call in The Professionals

Have you been struggling to put something together for the past few days? Instead of spending more time putting together your couch or table, why not call in a professional for help?

There are plenty of businesses that offer furniture assembly services that can help when you’re in a tight spot. They’re also great to have on hand during a move.

Thanks to this post, you’re now ready to tackle assembling any piece of furniture that comes your way. Start transforming your room today!