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The Top Trending Jobs to Pursue in 2017

trending jobsDid you know the 2008 recession went down with about 2.6 million American jobs?

Since then, a gloomy cloud has hung over the job market for nearly 10 years.

The good news about 2017 is that the job market is continuing its recovery. Reports indicate the US reached a 4.3% unemployment rate in May, an all-time low since the recession.

With this positive news, it’s a great time to be entering the job market or considering a career change. As you consider your next move, you should think about trending jobs, as they will have the highest demand.

To help you jumpstart your search, read on to learn more about the top trending jobs of 2017.

Data Scientist

The rise of the data scientist is driven largely by companies’ desire to collect and leverage big data.

A data scientist’s job is to develop data collection strategies, analyzing the collected date, make interpretations, and suggest actionable initiatives the company can take to achieve various goals.

To be a data scientist, you need to have excellent analytical skills and a degree in math or statistics. You should also know how to program in languages such as SQL, Python, and R.

As a data scientist, you can expect to earn between $116,000 and $163,000 annually.

Scrum Master

Scrum is an agile software development methodology that focuses on building a product in small bits so that mistakes can be identified and corrected quickly. The process involves keeping a detailed product backlog that is portioned out into 2-4 week-long periods.

A Scrum master is responsible for removing any impediments to the team’s workflow, helps maintain the project backlog, and acts as a coach in the deployment of Scrum principles.

As this methodology continues to gain popularity in the growing tech industry, the demand for scrum masters is increasing. A scrum master can expect to make about $91,000 annually

Public Relations Specialist

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 227,000 people held jobs in the PR field in 2016, a 12.5% increase from 2014.

The PR field has expanded more as consumers expect more answers and transparency from the companies they purchase from. PR specialists need to have excellent oral and written communications skills while also being able to keep their cool during a crisis.

There is a spread of salaries depending on the job’s location and the industry it serves. For example, a PR specialist working for a tech company in Silicon Valley will make more than a PR specialist for a healthcare company in North Carolina. On average, though, expect to take home about $56,000 yearly.


Accounting has a reputation for being impossibly boring. However, the profession can open you up to tons of interesting specialties. Plus, every industry needs an accountant.

If you’re into crime shows and have a legal background, for instance, forensic accounting could be a great move for you. The job involves tracking payments and digging through financial documents often linked to criminal investigations. Other accounting specialties include tax, audit, financial accounting, and government accounting.

A senior accountant can expect to make between $61,000 to $85,000.

Always Stay on Top of Trending Jobs

Keep in mind these are the jobs that are in-demand and trending now, but they might not always be that way. New, hotter career paths will always emerge.

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