how does linkedin work

How Does LinkedIn Work and How Can I Benefit?

how does linkedin workLinkedIn is a well-established, effective networking platform for professionals in every stage of their careers, from individuals looking for their first entry-level jobs to a top-notch CEO.

Social media can be confusing, however, and you may be wondering, how does LinkedIn work and what can it offer me?

Whether you’re looking for a new job or this just happens to be one of your current self-improvement goals, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s look at some of the amazing benefits LinkedIn has to offer.

How Does LinkedIn Work?

Instantaneous and Convenient Networking

LinkedIn connects working professionals to one another. In a nutshell, this encourages professional networking

LinkedIn promotes professional communication. Its constantly-updated interface shows the career promotions, advances, and moves happening within your network.

Their groups allow you to expand your network. In such groups, you can reach out to people within your industry and interact in a professional capacity.

For niche industries, this is a very beneficial (and enjoyable) way to network!

Easy and Readily Accessible Resume

Looking for work? Does someone need to know your credentials? Want to show off how awesome you are in your current line of work?

Your LinkedIn page allows you to customize and highlight your skills, experience, and job history. Your profile has many options. You can list your education background, career accomplishments, particular interests, and contact information.

Your connections can also “endorse” you and upload letters of recommendation directly onto your page. This feature undoubtedly creates a competitive edge in hiring and networking processes.

Furthermore, employers and recruiters will be able to contact you directly through messaging or email. You also have the chance to see who’s checking out who’s viewing your profile! You never know- maybe it’s your dream job’s recruiter checking you out.

Career Opportunities

87% of recruiters used LinkedIn as a screening tool for potential job candidates.

Nowadays, employers want to know you before they even interview you. Thus, not having a LinkedIn profile can actually backfire!

How does Linkedin work in terms of recruiting? For one, it creates a sense of visibility within your field of expertise. Rather than just a paper resume, LinkedIn brings the face to the name, the story to the job experience.

Additionally, the interactive job search is one of this network’s greatest features. Jobs can be narrowed down by industry and career interests. You can see if anyone in your network has previously or currently works for the organization you may be scouting.

Additionally, there is the option to apply directly through LinkedIn itself.

Company and Industry Insight

Want to learn more about a particular company? Interested in the qualifications of others who are already working there?

Chances are, it’s all publicly available to you. Look them up on LinkedIn. Familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of their workplace culture. Check out if they are actively hiring. See what kinds of employees they have hired!

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn provides an invaluable opportunity to network, connect, and expand your career search. The benefits are limitless. If you don’t have an account, what are you waiting for?