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How to Maintain Your Recurve Bow

recurve bow

Want to make your recurve bow perform to its fullest?

A bow that functions at its best requires regular maintenance. Do you know how to care for your bow?

You can always seek the help of professional to maintain your bow, but you’ll need to know when to seek out help and why.

In this article, we’ll discuss the wear your bow undergoes over time, how to clean, maintain and store your bow.

Recurve Bow Wear

Your recurve bow undergoes wear as time passes and you use it often. The most affected part of your bow is the bowstring.

Recurve bowstrings need maintenance more often than you think. You will need to replace your recurve bow string at some point.

Why do bowstrings deteriorate so fast? Your bow string feels the effects of action the most.

Bowstring serving’s, or the braided thread that wraps around the string, also undergoes damage over time by loosening. A technician can repair your bowstring servings.

Maintaining Your Recurve Bow

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Your recurve bow construction contains wood veneer. This wood veneer means a strong and durable bow. A protective coating protects the wood from moisture and humidity.

To maintain your bow, remove the bowstring. Add a small drop of an automotive polishing compound to a clean, soft rag. Scrub your bow, removing dirt or mildew.

Wipe away the polishing compound using another clean towel. For added finish, buff the bow with furniture polish.

For your bow string, apply bow string wax on a regular basis. You can find this at your local archery store.

Before you shoot, check your bowstring for any fuzz. If your bowstring feels dry to the touch, apply wax to the string and rub with your fingers until the wax melts into the bowstring.

Apple lubrication to the axles of your bow every 6 months. This not only protects your bowstring itself but ensures the mechanisms of your bow function at their best.

Never use spray lubricants. These types of lubricants produce droplets that attract dirt to your bowstring. Look for a silicone based lubricant to give your bow the care it deserves.

Proper Recurve Bow Storage

One of the most important parts of maintaining your bow is making sure it’s stored properly.

Keep your bow away from direct sunlight. This can warp the limbs of your bow and throw off your alignment.

If you can, store your recurve bow in a climate-controlled area. Humidity or high temperatures mean the death of your recurve bow. Store your recurve bow inside, where you can control the temperature to prevent any unwanted damage.

String stretch affects your bow’s draw length, brace height, draw weight, and tuning adjustments.

Always remove your bowstring when you’re not using your bow. This makes your bow last longer.

As you can see, taking care of your bow the right way is essential to prolonging its life and function. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or someone looking to try their hand at archery, you cannot ignore your bow’s maintenance.

Follow these tips to keep your bow looking great and working at full capacity!