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How to Retire Through Real Estate Investing

real estate investmentRetirement can creep up on people so fast that they have no idea what hit them. They look up and suddenly find that they’re retired with little to nothing to their names.

Unless, of course, they’ve invested in real estate.

As it turns out, more and more retirees are retiring through real estate these days. Doing so allows them to have enough money safely tucked away so that they can enjoy their retirement.

So how can people follow in their footsteps to live comfortably after retirement? Keep reading to find out how to use real estate to power your way through retirement.

Consider Getting A Financial Advisor

Before investing in real estate, people should consider finding a financial advisor. Working with an advisor is a great way to keep beginners on track.

Advisors ideally help people find opportunities and keep them from making some huge mistakes in the beginning. Of course, advisors cost money, so if people honestly have a good handle on things, they can skip the advisor. There are online resources, too, that can help you learn.

Renting Out Your Property

Renting out property has probably never been easier. With companies like Airbnb around, people admittedly don’t have to know much about real estate. Depending on where their property is located, they can make a pretty penny by renting it out.

Have a beach house in Florida? Summer travelers would love to use the property for days or weeks at a time.

What about a cabin in a wintry place? Snowboarders and skiers will happily rent the place out.

Buying New Property

Renting out existing properties is not enough. People have to continue to invest their money in new projects. That said, they should eventually start thinking about purchasing new property.

Investors have options here. They can, for example, buy a house that needs fixed up and flip it. They should make sure that the property is in an appealing location, though (that goes for any property they purchase).

Taxes and Fees

Purchasing and renting out property is more complex than fixing up houses and apartments and handing people the keys for a while. There are maintenance fees and taxes which owners must navigate.

For those with little to no experience, these things are probably going to be a little frustrating at first. This is one of those areas where having a financial advisor comes in handy.

As many people find out, though, it’s not all bad. Though people have to pay their fair share of taxes, they’ll get some tax deductions as well, that help to balance things out.


So what’s our biggest piece of advice for people who are looking to get into real estate? Start early. If people wait until after they retire, it’ll be too late.

It does, after all, take years to save up for retirement. Short of winning the lottery, there is no shortcut to saving.