5 Degrees You Can Get Online to Jumpstart Your Career

It doesn’t matter if you’re a GenXer, Millennial or part of the micro-generation, Xennial. You’ve noticed that the workforce is changing for people like you.

The jobs of today demand specialization, flexibility, and strategy.  All which can be gained by finding the right degrees you can get online.

Choosing an online degree to activate your career is a smart way to put yourself ahead of the competition. Specialize yourself while gaining valuable skills you need to succeed.


One benefit of an eLearning environment is an intensive degree that once required hours in the classroom is now available at your fingertips.

When it comes to a law degree, you want to choose the best school for your resume.  That depends on the type of law you want to practice and what it is you want to do.

This process used to require students to uproot their lives and move to the school that offers a program for them.

Not today.

Today’s eLearning law students attend prestigious, accredited law programs within their specialty without leaving their cities.  Or even their homes!

Business & Finance

This is a cluster of degrees that includes Business Administration, Accounting, and Finance.

The great thing about these is each provides a practical knowledge base to get you started. They can also be built upon with postgraduate degrees and doctorates that refine your career.

If you struggle with career “strategy,” a degree in business and finance is the place to start.

The career outlook is on the rise.  So what are you waiting for?


The field that used to require a single Marketing Director overseeing projects has opened up to a team of programmers, data scientists, project managers, and designers.

Sometimes the Marketing Director position requires that you hire and oversee these people.  But sometimes it means you must have these skills yourself.

A well-rounded degree in Marketing provides an introduction to techy topics that accelerate your Marketing career.  Marketing Directors must stay on top of industry trends that impact a business’s brand presence and bottom line.

You can launch that “lifelong student” mentality with a number of degrees you can get online.

HR and Organizational Psychology

Human Resources encompasses careers around talent acquisition, benefits management and organization morale.

As the workforce changes, the demand for HR careers in 2017 is growing.

The position demands leaders who stay on top of trends in technology. Including those that impact employee productivity, performance and streamline processes.

Organizational Psychology is its own degree field within HR.  It is an applied psychology with which you can consult on an organization’s culture and effectiveness.

Falling in-line with the philosophy of companies like Apple, more are shifting focus to employee retention, well-being, and company culture. A need for companies to bring on organizational psychologists has emerged.

Capitalize on this trend to kickstart your career with degrees you can get online!

Healthcare Administration

Healthcare Administration is great for those business-minded individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of patients, but don’t have the “clinician” mentality.

Healthcare admins excel with graduate and post-graduate degrees you can get online.

This is particularly useful for those who are already working in the field of hospital administration and want to move into management.  They need something flexible that works with their schedule, like a structured eLearning environment.

eLearning is for Everyone

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do.  Everyone gets stuck sometimes and can use a boost to jumpstart their career in the right direction.

Starting an eLearning program with one of these online degree programs could be what you need to activate the next phase of your career.  Why wait?

Opportunity is knocking. Are you going to answer the door?