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4 Professional Styling Tips to Shine at Your Next Interview

crest white stripsWomen work twice as hard as their male counterparts getting ready for a job interview. They question every style choice.

That’s because the glass ceiling is being lifted, but it hasn’t been fully removed. Women have to keep reaching to climb the corporate latter.

Knowing that the competitors may have a foot part way in the door just because of their biology is frustrating.

What are some things women can do to get ahead of the rest of the herd at the next interview? It’s a game of chess and you need a style checkmate.

This article will help you go from a pawn to a queen in 4 simple steps.

Here Are 4 Professional Styling Tips That Will Send You Soaring Through Your Next Interview

Skip the Ambiguity of Business Casual

Always wear a blazer.

Even if a hiring manager tells you a workplace is business casual, that doesn’t change the power of first impressions at your next interview. And when you get down to it, what does “business casual” mean anyway?

Everyone has their own ideas about this notion. But when it comes down to it, you can’t go wrong if you opt to go a little more formal.

Is it worth missing out on your dream job over? Just put on the jacket.

Bold Lips Don’t Sink Ships

When trying to make your mark at your next interview, you want to be unique. You want to show your new manager-to-be that you are an individual, not a “yes man”. Or, in this case, not a “yes woman”.

But remember, the goal is to be professional.

It’s all about finding that balance. And you can’t go wrong with a bright bold lip on the back drop of clean skin, white teeth, and muted makeup.

Skip the nudes at the first interview for something like Mary Jo K in the Kylie Jenner line. You’ll slay like the queen you are.

And for the extra boost of bright white teeth to make your bold lip pop, use Crest White Strips.

Look Neat, Clean and Polished

Maybe it goes without saying, but make sure you look clean.


Get your hair shiny by deep conditioning it and rinsing in cold water. Smooth it with a comb while wet and pin it up. Don’t forget the hairspray to tame those fly-aways!


This is a big one. If your makeup routine leaves you looking cakey, reconsider your products and technique.

Try color correcting in places to avoid over-doing it with concealer. A small amount of color correction liquid makeup can go along way and can be covered with a little powder.

In places like under the eyes, concealer is an asset. Dab small dots in key areas under the eye then blend with a beauty blender. Don’t forget to use a setting powder on top.

A couple of dots of concealer blended around the brow line will help define your eyebrows. Tweeze the day before your interview so you don’t have to worry about displaced facial hair caking up your concealer.

Go for Timeless, Not Trendy

It’s simple. You want Aubrey Hepburn, not Miley Cyrus.

Choose a neutral color palette for your next interview. And always wear clothes that fit. Size is just a number, so pick the number that makes you look and feel great.

Tone your makeup down and rock a simple, elegant do.

Getting The Job: It’s a Marathon Not A Sprint!

Give yourself the time you need to prepare for your next interview because you are in it to win it. With these simple steps, you ready to get the job of your dreams in style.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get that promotion or dream job today.