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5 Things to Know If You Are Moving to the UK

moving to the ukMoving to a new country and turning over a new leaf is an exciting experience. But if you don’t plan your move carefully, you might end up disappointed and overwhelmed.

When relocating to any new country, including moving to the UK, you’re bound to experience some culture shock. But how you deal with it depends on your ability to adapt to your new environment and accept the way people live.

For example, UK natives appreciate good manners, so saying ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ should become inevitable parts of your vocabulary. At the same time, you should work on your English language skills in order to find a job faster and assimilate into the culture.

So keep reading to see what you should know before you immigrate to the UK.

5 Things to Know When Moving to the UK

1. The Immigration System

If your main goal of moving to the United Kingdom is to obtain permanent residence (known as Indefinite Leave to Remain – ILR), you’ll need to be eligible for it by obeying the UK immigration rules.

Eligible individuals need to complete a special application after a certain time period, but many find it overwhelming.

So if you need Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) application help-WM Immigration, you should ask for assistance from immigration specialists.

Note that you can’t make shortcuts and speed up your immigration process. You need to comply with the laws and be patient.

2. Language

Though the English language is universally spoken nowadays, it’s the official language in the UK. So if you don’t speak it well, you may be having a hard time adjusting and finding a good job.

Also, different parts of the UK speak different dialects, so if you’re not very familiar with them, you may have trouble understanding people at first.

So before you move to your specified city or region in the UK, make sure to do your research on the dialects and second languages spoken. This way, you can prepare better and even practice your skills before your move.

3. Etiquette

Common courtesy will take you a long way in the UK. So make sure you practice proper etiquette wherever you go.

Saying ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’ and ‘welcome’ will not only show people that you’re well-cultured, but that you also understand basic manners and communication.

4. Taxes

One of the best things you can do for yourself before moving to the UK is to get familiar with their tax system.

It’s likely very different from your home country, but that’s no excuse for ignoring its rules. Take some time to do research on the types of taxes you’ll need to pay in the UK. Also, different cities and regions may have different practices, so dig a little deeper to discover the details.

If you get confused about taxes upon arrival, hire a professional to help you sort things out.

5. Networking

When you’re a newcomer in the UK, your first priority should be to get a job, a place to live and meet new people.

Networking is a great way to expand your circle of acquaintances and make new friends. This can help you find better-paying jobs, have a rich social life and adapt faster to the culture and society.

Bottom Line

Moving to the UK has its perks and advantages, but a successful relocation is all about planning. If you carefully outline every part of your move, you won’t have any problems obtaining a permanent residence.

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