5 Great Tips for Getting Security Officer Jobs

securityA growing number of Americans are pursuing a rewarding career as a security officer.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, security officer jobs are projected to increase by 5% over the next seven years. This will bring the number of security guards and gaming surveillance officers to over 1.1 million.

With such high demand for security officers, it’s critical for applicants to take all the necessary steps to land a job.

Read on to learn more about college education, training courses, and relevant experience that increases the likelihood of a receiving a job offer.

1. Training is the Key to Landing Security Officer Jobs

Depending on the state in which the job is based, training requirements can vary. If the position requires the security officer to be armed, training requirements are even more extensive.

Training courses cover a broad list of topics such as the use of force, detention of potential suspects, emergency response, and effective communication. For armed security officers, weapons training will be required in addition to periodic testing.

Many states mandate how many training hours security officers need.

Before an assignment is started, some states require eight hours of training. Up to 16 hours of on-the-job training may be required, as well as eight hours of continuing education.

2. Get an Associate’s Degree in a Related Field

An associate’s degree or higher will make a security officer application more attractive. In some cases, it will eliminate the requirement for pre-assignment training.

The vast majority of security officer jobs require a high school diploma at a minimum. Having a two-year college degree will set the applicant apart from the competition.

A degree in a related field like criminal justice will stand out even further. A college degree may give the impression that the applicant is committed and intelligent.

3. Highlight Any Relevant Experience in the Military or Police Force

Employers will immediately notice past experience in the United States military. Retired or former police officers also make great security officers.

As noted earlier, the key to landing security officer jobs is training. Past experience in the military or a police department obviously involved extensive training.

This regimen will certainly include weapons training, making the application even more appealing. Military and police veterans may also be viewed by employers as disciplined and reliable.

4. Market any On-Hand Tools or Resources

Any possessions that may be valuable to a prospective employer should be marketed. A legal and registered weapon could be appealing as the employer will not have to provide it.

Another attractive commodity is guard dogs. Possession of one of the best guard dog breeds could single-handedly help land a job.

5. Network on Social Media

Job hunting is drastically different than it was a decade ago. The days of searching newspaper classifieds are long gone.

Nowadays, both employers and job hunters alike utilize social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to advertise job openings.

LinkedIn allows users to post a resume online and communicate directly with prospective employers.

Put these Tips to Use

With these tips in hand, the right job could be around the corner. The number of open security officer jobs are increasing in the United States. Get out there and find a job that you can be proud of.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about prospective jobs in security.