glass window repair

Learn How to DIY Glass Window Repair

glass window repairIs a window in your home cracked? Is there a window that won’t open or close? Need a new window pane?

Glass window repair done by the professionals can be expensive. In fact, the average glass repair job can cost almost $300!

Do you consider yourself handy? If so, you can do glass window repair on your own. DIY repairs can keep money in your wallet.

Keep reading to learn about repairing some of the most common glass window problems.

Fixing a Stuck Window

Do you have a window that is stuck?

The first step is to ensure the window opens. Make sure that the window isn’t sealed or nailed shut.

Too much paint can cause a window to be stuck. If this is the problem:

  1. Use a razor knife to loosen the paint.
  2. Cut the space between the window and frame.
  3. Ensure there is no excess paint outside of the window as well.

If paint isn’t the culprit, the window may need to be lubricated. You can use spray or grease on moving parts of the window.

Repairing a Chipped or Cracked Window

Glass can easily chip or crack. The good news is that most chips and cracks can be repaired at home.

Before repairing the glass, ensure it is repairable. Is the window significantly damaged? Are the cracks and chips big?

If so, it may be best to look into a company that offers replacement windows in Orange County.

If the damage can be repaired, here are steps to follow.

  1. Clean the glass. Remove any dirt and glass shards from the window by wiping it clean. Be sure to wear gloves to avoid cutting yourself.
  2. Purchase a glass repair kit. These kits can be purchased at most hardware stores. These kits provide all the items you need to complete window glass repair.
  3. Apply the vinyl or resin to the crack/chip. Follow all instructions in the kit to ensure proper repair.
  4. Remove excess vinyl/resin. A razor blade can be used to remove excess material. This material can usually be removed a few hours after application.

Replacing a Window Pane

You can replace a window pane cheaply and in under a few hours.

To replace a window pane:

  1. Clean the frame and window. Always wear heavy duty gloves when handling glass. Remove any broken glass using a small wire brush. This also removes residue.
  2. Measure the window. To replace the pane, you’ll need to know the size. Take the measurements to a hardware store. Ensure your measurements are correct. Otherwise, the window won’t fit.
  3. Install the new pane. Using putty and a glazier’s tool, you can put the new window in place.

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