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5 Tax Prep Tools that Won’t Make You Pull Your Hair Out

happy peopleAre you planning on foregoing the accountant this tax year?

Getting an early jump on your tax preparation can help you avoid a headache when the time to file arrives.

Whether you work in real estate, medicine, marketing, or any other field, here is a list of 5 tax prep tools to make tax time a whole lot easier!

1. TurboTax

When it comes to filing taxes on your own, TurboTax is the first tool many people think of.

And for good reason: The online personal tax filing service offers a full range of tools to help you file, regardless of how complex your situation is.

The basic version of TurboTax is free and the deluxe version starts at $29.95.

Known for its fantastic customer support, if you run into a jam while using the system you can contact their support team to work through any issues with your return.

2. MileBug

“Can I deduct my mileage?” That is a question accountants hear all the time.

Depending on your work situation, you can deduct mileage. The IRS Tax deduction rate is 54 cents per mile.

It’s important to keep an organized driving log and MileBug makes it easy.

The free app, which is available for iOS and Android phones, tracks your trips via GPS and takes care of storing the details for you.

It even allows you to input miscellaneous travel expenses such as tolls, hotels, and meals so that all of the calculations are in one place.

3. Google Drive

An uncommon contender for tax preparation tools, Google Drive has a myriad of tools for both W2 employees and self-employed professionals.

Keeping tracks of expense spreadsheets and invoices is simple with Google Sheets. Keep track of summaries and due dates with Google Docs and Calendar.

Google Drive makes it easy to store and organize any scanned documents or receipts in the cloud.

Whether using it just for storage or for full-blown bookkeeping, with Google Drive you never have to worry about losing important personal information.

4. IRS2Go

To keep updated with IRS, tax tips, and related news, download the free IRS2Go app.

Many people find themselves impatient to receive their tax refunds after they file.

The IRS2Go app offers the quickest way to track your refund online.

5. Shoeboxed

A perfect tool for people that are self-employed or small business owners, Shoeboxed is affectionately named after the home where many stored receipts live prior to tax time.

If you keep your receipts for deduction purposes, you can send them to the Shoeboxed team who will organize and scan them for you.

Taking the time crunch and folder nightmare out of tax prep, Shoeboxed will upload your receipts and you can download to your computer later for your records.

You’re All Set for Tax Time!

With these tools in hand, you’ll be taking the headache out of filing your own taxes in no time.

Have you filed taxes on your own before? Know of more affordable tools or something that we might have missed?

We’re always looking to learn, so contact us and let us know!