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How to Become an EMT

become an emtThose who choose a career as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) have exhibited an immense level of courage and compassion for others.

When someone is ill or injured, EMTs are the first responders to take action and save lives. They make sure patients reach the hospital in time to get the care that they need.

The demand is rising for daring individuals to join this industry. Because it is such an important role, it also required a lot of hard work to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the task.

Find out here what’s needed to become an EMT today.

1. Know What It Takes & What They Make

The job takes a great deal of dedication and can often take 1 to 3 years to begin a career. All EMTs need a driver’s license, an EMT certification, and a clean criminal record.

Jobs in the industry are seeing above average growth at 24% and the annual salaries for a technician are at a median of $32,670 as of May, 2016 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those who advance their career to become Paramedics usually make a bit more with hourly pay above $15.

2. See If an EMT Career is Right for You

For those who want to see what is demanded of an Emergency Medical Technician first hand, many rescue squads or fire departments offer programs that give all the details about the profession.

There are also great opportunities to volunteer with hospitals and other care centers to get real experience in a working environment.

Getting used to dealing with patients directly and exposing oneself to the public service staff in one’s area (i.e. police, firemen, nurses) can lay the foundation for becoming a strong leader in the field of Emergency Medical Service.

These are perfect experiences for those curious about the profession and who aren’t yet sure whether it would be a good fit for them.

3. Make Sure You’re Physically Equipped

When responding to medical emergencies it is often the case that EMTs will be put in extreme situations and have to undergo immense physical activity. Acting quickly is extremely important when considering the well-being of the patient.

Not only will EMTs have to have the strength to lift patients but they will also be subjected to various contagious illnesses.

If those considering becoming an EMT have a weak immune system, do not have high stamina, are taking blood pressure medication, or have other medical conditions, they may want to consider another career option or at least consult with their doctor first.

Before beginning training for emergency medical care, those not in peak physical condition should discover what they can do to better their health for this strenuous career.

4. Meet Educational Requirements

Careers as an EMT often require a high school diploma, or an equivalent, as well as Post-secondary education.

An EMT certification is required to become a technician. It is important for individuals to check what exactly their state requires of them to receive a certification, as all states do differ.

Aspiring EMTs will need to learn skills such as CPR, wound treatment, and other medical care techniques through courses called EMT-B or EMT basic training.

These courses are not hard to find. Most local community colleges, health care facilities, hospitals, or fire academies offer them. Depending on local requirements, approved courses can demand more than 100 hours of coursework.

They will provide the experience and knowledge needed to take the national or state EMT test and begin a career in the field.

EMT certification tests are held in every state at least once annually and can be retaken the up to 2 times.

5. Prepare for Your Future as an EMT

Emergency Medical Technicians will want to stay informed on industry knowledge and practices.

A few medical journals that specifically deal with EMS are Journal of Paramedic Practice and (PEC) Prehospital Emergency Care.

Furthering a career will demand more training and coursework to become an EMT-intermediate or EMT-Paramedic.

We Wish You Luck!

That’s all that’s needed to begin a career in Emergency Medical Service.

The EMT profession is challenging in every way. Those who pursue this career don’t seek material reward, but the reward of caring for others and making a positive impact on the world.

If you have any questions about your career or education don’t hesitate to contact us.