what does http mean

Communication Protocol Tools: What Does HTTP Mean?

what does http meanAccording to internetlivestats.com,  about 40% of the world’s population has an intenet connection today, and there are over 3.6 billion internet users online at any given time.

But if those 3.6 billion people act like the average everyday web user,  they most likely just open their favorite browser, whether it’s Chrome or Safari, and start typing into Google. And within a matter of seconds, violâ,  they’ve found exactly what they’re looking for.

The question, “what does HTTP mean?” simply does not enter their minds.

Why is that? Because it’s typically easier for most people to use technology than to understand it. In today’s fast-paced, and constantly on-the-go society, hardly anyone has the time to seek out answers to questions they don’t need to know the answers to.

If you know how to use it, do you need to understand it?  Not necessarily, but it never hurts to learn new things. So, let’s start with two of the internet basics: communication protocol tools and the most common example, what does HTTP mean?

What is a Communication Protocol Tool?

Simply put, a communication protocol tool is a way to transmit data over a computer network. Examples of computer networks include the internet or world wide web, the intranet, and a LAN or local area network.

A protocol is a specific way of doing something, and can also be defined as a set of standards or rules. Therefore communication protocols are an agreed upon set of rules that determine how data can be transferred via computer networks. Protocols are included in practically every element that makes up web technology, inclusive of 61850 source code.

What does HTTP Mean?

HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol is just one example of a communication protocol tool. HTTP is the predetermined standard created for transferring files. As soon as you open a web browser you’re using HTTP without even knowing it.

It’s what allows you to browse the web, click on links, hear sounds, view graphic and video files, and so much more.

HTTP is the infrastructure of the world wide web, and without it, the internet would not exist as we know it. If anyone ever asks, “what does HTTP mean?” all you have to say is, “it’s how web users and web servers communicate.”

What is the Difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

When using the internet you may have noticed a graphic of a lock in the browser window with the word “secure” next to it.  The “S” in “HTTPS” stands for “secure”

The only difference between HTTP and HTTPS is security. HTTPS is also known as HTTP over TLS or Transport Layer Security. As the internet aged, cyber crime and identity theft increased and HTTPS was implemented to keep web users safe.

At first, HTTPS was only used to encrypt sensitive material. Such as email, credit card, and online banking information. But as technology has evolved HTTPS is used everywhere.

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