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5 Ways to Earn Your Digital Marketing Certification

digital marketingAre you looking for a new career path that will have a lot of potential for growth as the years go on? Do you like to interpret data, stay on top of social trends, and love living your life online? If so, you need to get into digital marketing.

It’s clear that digital marketing is an in-demand skill. Business across a variety of industries need marketers that know the online space now more than ever. If there was ever a time to get your digital marketing certification, it’s now.

The Five Best Digital Marketing Certification Programs

Because digital marketing is such a new field, people are having trouble choosing the right certification programs. How can you ensure that what you choose is reputable, or that you’re going down the right path? How can you combine your SEO and content knowledge into something great?

We’re here to help you on your certification journey. There are already a variety of popular digital platforms that offer their own unique certifications. If you’re serious about earning your certification, there are five simple (and free) ways you can do it.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ)

If you’re just starting out in the world of digital marketing, knowing Google Analytics is an absolute must. Your analytic analysis will affect web development, marketing, and nearly every facet of a business’ online presence.

Google has made it simple for people to earn their certification. The company has a variety of courses available online for free that can help you fill in knowledge gaps. At the end of each lesson, you can take quizzes to test your knowledge, and eventually get your certification.

Twitter Flight School

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks today, and every business should be active on it. The social media platform knows how important it is to marketers, that’s why they have courses set up to help them master Twitter.

Flight School will teach you everything you have to know about properly using Twitter in your day-to-day marketing. The best part about your Flight School certification is that it doesn’t expire. Other digital marketing certification programs need to be re-taken, but the Flight School is good for life.

Google AdWords Certification

Google Analytics and Google AdWords are related, but they’re two different things. Analytics can help marketers and web developers hone their craft, but AdWords is different. AdWords is crucial to know for PPC campaigns, but like with analytics, Google has made it easy to learn PPC.

There are a variety of free online courses you can take that can help you learn AdWords. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to take a test and earn a certification that’s good for up to one year.

HubSpot Email Marketing Certification

Email marketing is an important skill marketers need to know. If you need to learn the basics about open rates, bounce rates, and writing catchy subject lines, this is the course for you.

Hubspot’s Email Marketing Certification will teach you everything you need to know to run a successful campaign. It’s free to take, and needs to be renewed every 13 months.

HubSpot Content Marketing

Are you a writer that wants a digital marketing certification that will help them get a job? Then you need to take HubSpot’s Content Marketing Certification courses.

Hubspot’s Content Marketing Certification will tell you everything you need to know about turning your writing skills into marketing skills. You’ll need to renew it every 13 months, but as long as your score 75% or higher you’ll have your certification.

Next Steps

Now that you know what you have to do to earn your digital marketing certification, you can start building your career. Have some of you been down the certification path before? Tell our readers about what helped you in our comments section!