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Here are 5 Awesome Educational Apps for Toddlers

boy on ipadThe digital age has transformed how children play and learn. By age 2, almost 80% of all children have used a mobile device.

The use of mobile devices during such young ages remains controversial. Some studies have shown a potential link between these devices and speech delays. But, time on mobile devices doesn’t have to be all fun and games.

Are you looking to make the most out of your child’s screen time? If so, now is the time to look into educational apps for toddlers.

Read to learn about the top 5 educational apps that will boost your toddler’s brain power.

1. KidloLand

This is one of the better educational apps for toddlers. KidloLand is ideal for children 5 and under. It is one larger app with a wide variety of smaller apps to choose from.

KidloLand is a well-rounded and teaches several topics. Your child can learn phonics through songs and easy reading books.

The app offers more than 300 activities that teach:

  • Phonics
  • Number comprehension
  • Pre-math skills
  • Problem-solving skills

Though educational, this app also promotes the use of your toddler’s imagination and creativity.

2. ABC Mouse

Want an app that grows with your child? If so, look no further than ABC Mouse. ABC Mouse can be used by preschool-age children up to 6 years old!

The app teaches several topics, including:

  • Reading and language arts
  • Sentence structure
  • Early math
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Art and colors

Through books, games, puzzles, and songs, ABC Mouse educates your child in a fun way. The app also lets you view your child’s progress. As your child learns and grows, he/she earns rewards that can be used to purchased fun virtual items.

3. Fish School

Fish School is ideal for children ages 2 and up. The app teaches several important concepts, including:

  • Matching
  • Shapes
  • Numbers
  • Letters
  • Colors

The exciting part is that each concept is taught using brightly-colored fish!

If you’re looking for educational apps for toddlers, look no further than Fish School. The app has won several awards, including the Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award.

4. Endless Alphabet

Have a child under the age of 5? Want your child to learn the alphabet? If so, Endless Alphabet is an app to purchase.

Endless Alphabet teaches the alphabet using adult words. In this app, J is for juggle, and H is for hilarious.

Soon enough your kid will be using grown-up words!

5. Peekaboo Barn

For just $1.99, your kid can learn all about animals and their sounds. By pressing a barn door, Peekabo Barn shows a different animated animal. Use this app as a fun way to boost your child’s literacy.

Peekaboo Barn is even fun for older children, who can guess animals by sound.

The app offers a variety of voices, including a child’s voice and 12 adult voices. Parents can even record their own voices!

The app also offers several world languages, including:

  • American and UK English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Swedish
  • Mandarin

Interested in Developing Educational Apps for Toddlers?

Creating apps for young children can be a rewarding experience. To be a successful app creator, you’ll need to learn skills such as:

  • Knowledge of early childhood educational topics
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Programming
  • Data visualization
  • User experience
  • Ability to QA apps

If you want to become an app developer, you may want to consider using online educational websites.

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