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5 Origami Animals Your Students Will Love to Make

fotolia 134636122 subscription monthly m Despite its existence for nearly 2,000 years, origami is still entertaining for people of all ages.

Even the most experienced origami wizard still can get a kick out of folding up paper into exciting shapes. That’s why it’s perfect for students. If they learn how to create origami animals, it’ll keep them entertained and thinking for hours.

Here are five origami animals to teach them.

1. A Bat

Like other origami instructions, the set for this figure isn’t too complicated, but you should still follow them closely.

Creating a bat takes only a few minutes, which makes it great for younger students. A bat is right on-theme during Halloween, without striking fear in the hearts of your students. Plus, it could be good during other times of the year, too.

Or you could stick to something a bit more welcoming.

2. A Swan

The swan is one of the most iconic origami animals. When people think of origami, it’s often the first thing they think of.

Some of your students might be familiar with origami swans, which will make them more enthusiastic about creating them. When they’re finished, they’ll proudly take it home to their parents.

3. The Cat

There’s a way to pull this off without angering dog fans among your students. If your students have cats at home, they will really enjoy making this. If they don’t, the final product is good enough that they might think of it as a pet.

And if the dog fans are too offended, show them how to make a whale.

4. A Whale

This figure is perfect for advanced creators of origami animals. After a few classes of teaching simple origami tips to your students, this will really challenge them.

This one takes a larger piece of paper, if not two. The satisfaction your students feel when they’ve created a humpback in their hands will be second to none.

It’s the kind of animal that’s got a great reputation among, which will be fun to teach. But it could also be fun to teach about less likable animals.

5. The Snake

Creating a snake will let your students let loose a bit, in a controlled way. Some rascals in your class might love making snakes. Others might not be so sure.

By allowing interested kids to make snakes, it’ll let them express themselves in a unique way without subverting your class. And that’s a win for everybody.

Origami Animals Are for Everyone

With these origami instructions, you’ll open up a new path for your students. Put yourself in a student’s shoes for a second and imagine that you’re taking a course.

You’re feeling stressed out because you can’t accomplish something. So, you take out the origami paper and start folding. Soon, you’ll have created a few animals and you’ll start feeling better.

It’s a cheap way to achieve something and clear your head. That’s why it’s great for everyone. Looking for more ways to use origami to your advantage? Feel free to reach out to someone on our team.

Good luck!