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5 Secret LSAT Tips Your Tutor Isn’t Telling You

lsat tipsExperts recommend 150-300 hours of preparation for the LSAT.

If you spread that out over three months, you’ll need to prepare 1.5-3.5 hours per day to meet that goal.

Every year, over 80,000 students around the world take the LSAT.

However, certain strategies separate those who score above 180 from those who barely scrape by with a 150.

Here’s a look at 5 LSAT tips you can use to boost your exam score — and help you to land a spot at your dream college.

1. Start With a Cold Test

There are only three sections on the LSAT. Therefore, being weak in one area can drive your overall score down substantially.

To find out your weaknesses, start by taking a practice test cold, without any prep. This will help you pinpoint your biggest struggles.

Once you review your practice test, you can develop an effective prep strategy. Always devote more time to your weak points. Also, consider searching through online courses to supplement your preparation.

2. Use the Blind Review Method

Immediately glancing at the answers after completing a section is not a good way to review for the LSAT. Instead, use the blind review method.

So, how does blind review work?

Anytime you run into questions you’re not 100% certain about on a practice test, circle them. This forces you to assess your reasoning behind choosing certain answers and eliminating others.

Once you’re done, go back and review only the questions you circled.

Change your answers if you wish, but make note of why you did so. Only after you do this should you check the answers.

The keys are to focus on figuring out why the wrong answer is wrong, and correcting your reasoning.

3. Practice Like It’s Test Day

Severe test anxiety affects approximately 1 out of 5 students. However, one of the best LSAT tips you can use to mitigate anxiety is to simulate real exam conditions.

Avoid practicing in your dorm room.

Instead, find a crowded coffee shop or a library you can use for 3 and a half hours. Also, take your practice tests at the same time of the day you’ll take the real thing.

4. Leave the Difficult Questions for Last

Wrong answers don’t count against you on the LSAT.

Therefore, you don’t want to leave anything blank on purpose. However, you might end up running low on time, since that’s what the designers of the test intended.

So, when practicing, you need to figure out which type of questions give you the most grief.

By the time the real test rolls around, you should be able to identify these questions at first glance. Don’t attempt to answer them until you finished the rest.

5. Underline Words While Reading

One-third of the LSAT consists of reading comprehension questions.

Everyone from workers compensation lawyers to immigration lawyers rely on reading comprehension. Therefore, it’s an important skill to develop.

While reading passages in this section, underline words related to the author’s tone and opinion.

Also, do the same for people, dates, and concepts that seem important. When you actually have to look back at the passage, you’ll have markers in the form of underlined words to guide you.

Final Thoughts on LSAT Tips

Keep in mind that preparing for the LSAT starts with identifying your weaknesses. You can accomplish this by taking a practice test without studying.

Also, don’t forget to pinpoint issues in your reasoning and work to fix them. When reviewing your practice exam, don’t just rush to find out what the correct answers are. Instead, use blind review.

Use these tips to help you prepare for the LSATs. Have another big test coming up?

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