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Become a Lawyer: 5 Qualities You Need For Success

become a lawyer Currently, there are over a million licensed lawyers in the United States. If you’re planning to join these ranks and become a lawyer, you need to be dedicated, passionate, and driven.

A law career can be incredibly rewarding, but there are a few qualities you must have in order to ensure your success.

Let’s get into it.

The Traits You Need to Become a Lawyer


Resilience means accepting that trial-and-error is simply part of the process. Law is complicated, and the journey toward success can be even more challenging.

You will hurt. You will question yourself. And, yes, you will fall down. The successful lawyers get back up.

Resilience means trying over and over again, analyzing what worked and what didn’t, and never, ever giving up on your passion.

Needless to say, this isn’t something that’s taught in law school. It’s something that is cultivated through dedicated practice and experience.

Effective and Direct Communication

No matter what practice of law you choose to specialize in, concise communication is an essential part of your career.

From talking to clients to working in groups to expressing your problem-solving skills, your communication skills need to be polished and refined in order to best convey your needs.

Remember that communication isn’t just about speaking. Active listening and taking in information from all sides is necessary for effective work and effective relationship-building.


In order to become a lawyer, you need to believe in yourself and your convictions.

Since you may be working with the public, any insecurities or doubts will be exposed, and this can hurt both you and your clients.

Self-esteem doesn’t mean you need to be cocky or believe you’re better than everyone else. It simply means that you trust yourself, have a willingness and desire to learn, and generally like what you have to stand for.

Self-esteem, like resilience, isn’t just taught in school, but there are helpful courses you may consider taking in order to brush up on your confidence.


Lawyers naturally take an authoritative position. This means understanding that you have a position as a role model and as a professional trained to give back to society.

Leaders are smart. They collaborate well with others. They take feedback in stride. They are always willing to learn more about client satisfaction. And, most of all, they are continuing to refine their craft in order to best help the society around them.


In law, things can move quickly. They can also change quickly. Clients will need to depend on you. Law partners and secretaries and other professionals will need to depend on you as well.

Being prompt and efficient is a non-negotiable part of your integrity. Procrastinating or putting tasks off only hurts both you and the people you are aiming to serve.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a lawyer is an incredibly rewarding journey. It’s a lifetime of learning and education, and an amazing way to give back to our society.

Cultivate your skills. Hone in on your strengths and continue working on your weaker areas. You got this!