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5 Online Cooking Classes to Become a Better Cook

fotolia 109496802 subscription monthly m Few things are as satisfying as a delicious, home cooked meal. There’s just more meaning in a meal when effort and care went into making it.

And whether you fancy yourself the next Emeril or you can barely manage to cook pasta, online cooking classes are a fantastic resource. They can teach you new recipes and techniques, and introduce you to brand new cuisines.

But not all online cooking classes are created equal. Read on for 5 of the best cooking classes that’ll have you impressing your friends and cooking like a pro in no time.

Top 5 Online Cooking Classes to Become a Better Cook

1. CNN Food Central

Yes, CNN is good for more than just the latest breaking news. Their site features a great dedicated to the culinary arts.

Whether you’re looking to learn the easiest way to shuck corn or how to toast and grind spices, CNN Food Central is a great resource. It even features articles on the basics such as greasing pans, folding liquids and boiling an egg.

If you’re a total novice, CNN Food Central is likely the best place for you to start your online education.

2. Cooking With the New York Times

While CNN’s site is great for the basics, those with a bit more experience will fare better at the New York Times’ site. Their cooking section features gorgeous images and complete recipes.

If you find that you’re more of a visual learner, this is definitely the site for you. Instead of basic text tutorials, the Times’ cooking section features in-depth videos to walk you through every step of the process.

All you need to do is sign up for an NYT account and you’re good to go.

3. Healthy Kids Cooking Health Course

Even the toughest of food critics don’t compare to the scrutiny of a child. In fact, kids can be some of the most ruthless and picky eaters.

One of the best ways to get your child to try new foods is by enrolling them in a cooking course. The Healthy Kids Cooking Health Course will help teach your child the value of cooking.

And for those parents worried about nutrition, this course focuses on fun, healthy recipes the whole family will love.

4. MIT’s Kitchen Chemistry

Here’s a great course for those who are more scientifically inclined. Offered by MIT, Kitchen Chemistry takes a more science-based approach to cooking.

If you’re interested in the ‘why’ of cooking as much as the ‘how’, here’s the course for you. You’ll learn about the storied past of your favorite flavors and why they taste the way they do.

Sign-up is absolutely free!

5. The Culinary Cook

Our final inclusion, The Culinary Cook, is an all-encompassing program. The site features how-to guides on just about anything and everything you can think of.

You’ll learn about knives, how to make a custard, and why your pasta always seems undercooked. The Culinary Cook offers something for everyone from new chef to pro.

Wrap Up

With these 5 online cooking classes, you’ll soon be on your way to preparing a meal for the ages. Don’t forget to check out our catalog of courses to learn more.

From cooking to web design, we can help you achieve your best self through learning. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a class for it. Sign up today and start cooking!