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Why Should You Add an OSHA Certification to Your Resume

osha certificationThough unemployment is going down, the job market remains as competitive as ever. With some job openings attracting an average of 250 resumes, anything that will help you stand out from the crowd is essential.

OSHA certification is easy to get and is nationally recognized. As an addition to your professional qualifications, it may be the boost your resume needs.

But how do you know if OSHA certification is worth it for you? Read on to find out.

OSHA Training Demonstrates You’re Responsible and Prepared

OSHA certification trains you to recognize, avoid, and prevent safety hazards in workplaces. Completing this training proves that you’re proactive about workplace health and safety. It also demonstrates your willingness to upskill.

Dedication to self-education is an attractive quality in an employee. OSHA training could mean the difference between a foot in the door, and a thanks-no-thanks.

It Lets You Contribute to Workplace Safety Groups

Many workplaces have internal workplace health and safety groups or organizations. OSHA certification gives you access to these groups. This lets you contribute to workplace training, and safety management practices.

The responsibilities of a workplace safety group add value to you as an employee. They can also be an invaluable addition to your resume during future job hunts.

OSHA Certifications Help Prevent Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents cost companies money and can affect your own health and well-being. OSHA training helps you identify and manage workplace health hazards. This means less impact on your and your workmates’ safety. And if your workplace is safe, so is your future earning potential.

You Can Complete OSHA Training Online

Online education and upskilling is booming, and for good reason. Organizations like SafetySkills.com let you do your training online.

This means you work at your own pace, in an environment of your choosing. No more cramming into dusty classrooms – you can get your certification in the comfort of your own home.

Most OSHA Certification Cards Don’t Expire

Introductory OSHA certifications don’t expire, so once you’ve got your OSHA card, you have it for life. More hazard-specific certifications need renewal every 5 years or so. The time and effort involved means that investment to payoff ratio is worth it.

Many Workplaces Need You to Have Completed the OSHA 10-Hour Certification

The OSHA 10 hour card is a requirement for many government agencies and individual jobs. Without it, you can’t begin working for them. Some states also need anyone working on a project funded by the public to have done the OSHA 10 course.

Getting your OSHA certification now means employers don’t have to train you themselves. You already have the certification and are ready to start work immediately.

An OSHA Certification Is Worth It

Getting OSHA-certified is a quick, easy way to add value to your resume. And a valuable resume is an essential stepping stone to job interview success.

Do yourself a favor and add an OSHA card to your list of professional qualifications. Your resume, your future workmates, and your future employers will thank you for it.