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5 Tips for Finding an Automotive Job

automotive jobTimes have changed, making it more difficult for even college graduates to find meaningful careers. Finding work in a steady field is an issue the younger generation has to deal with.

If you’re wondering what field you can “drive” into, why not consider becoming an auto mechanic? After all, there is a shortage of qualified mechanics, which is always good news if you’re looking for stable work. In some cities, the hourly labor rate for auto mechanics is $125.

As of 2016, the median pay was around $38,470/yr, so it definitely depends on where you live. But if this is a career field you want to break into, then you can use the following tips to help you find the perfect automotive job for you.

Find a Specialty and Master It

One way to make yourself stand out as an auto mechanic is to master a special area. For example, you can become an expert in all foreign-made vehicles. Or the exact opposite – American-made vehicles. Having a specialized area of expertise can give you an edge when competing for positions.

It’d be best to select an area that you’re actually passionate about. This way, you won’t mind learning all the facets of a particular automotive industry.

Network Like Crazy

In this world, it’s all about who you know. If you’re not connected, it will be a lot harder to find work. There are several ways you can network. The most notable is using the internet. For example, you can use LinkedIn.

This is by far the best social media network to connect with businesses and people in a specific industry. The next best thing would be to attend local job fairs and networking events.

If you’re going to go the online route, then make sure you have a profile set up with a professional photo. Ensure all parts of your profile is filled out.

And if you opt to go to networking events, bring along a business card with your name, number, website and/or social media profile on it.

Sign Up with a Staffing Agency

You want to explore all avenues when you’re looking for an automotive job. Staffing agencies can be a big help in searching for positions in this field. Some work may be temporary, but just look at it as getting experience under your belt.

Many recruiters work closely with hiring managers, so they’ll be able to link you with businesses that are an ideal fit.

Take Advantage of Training

If you don’t have any formal training, it will be harder to find serious work. You can go to a technical school or take advantage of training offered by automotive test equipment manufacturers and parts suppliers.

You can find courses available in the evenings and during the weekends. Search online to see what workshops are available near you.

There may also be online courses available, such as a program for car design sketching using Photoshop. This may interest you if you’re looking for an automotive job that doesn’t require getting oil on your hands.

Work for an Auto Parts Store

This is a great place to start if you have absolutely no experience or training. You can learn a lot about the parts needed for various makes and models. One part of being an auto mechanic is knowing the operations of a vehicle.

For example, what is a Mercedes balance shaft?

Then the next step would be to get hands on training, replacing these parts and identifying problems.

Start Planning Today for an Automotive Job

With this guide, you should have no problem getting on the path to a well-paying automotive job. Use these tips to help break into the automotive industry and potentially build a stable career.