how can we prevent oil spills

How Can We Prevent Oil Spills in the Future?

how can we prevent oil spillsWe like to breathe. We like to bathe. We like to swim. We like to drink clean water.

Imagine a world where we were risking our lives every time we tried to do any of those. If we continue on our society’s current pace, this is not too out of the realm of possibility.

We need to ask ourselves, “how can we prevent oil spills?”

How Can We Prevent Oil Spills?

The 1970s, 80s, and 90s have witnessed the worst oils spills throughout history. Careless drilling, negligence, and greed have led to some devastating situations in the past 50 years.

But it’s far from hopeless. There are simple things we can do to help regain an empowered state of mind and do our part towards recovery and prevention efforts.

1. Lifestyle Choices

You may be asking yourself, “but how can we prevent oil spills?” A good first step is in leading a mindful life that supports this goal.

Here are a few lifestyle decisions you can choose that make a difference:

  • Decreasing your use of fossil fuels by cutting your energy usage through carpooling, biking and reducing your home heating costs
  • Choosing fuel-efficient everything. Most notably, a car
  • Using green energy through the use of solar-powered implements, solar panels, and geothermal or wind-generated energy sources
  • Purchasing the green electricity option from your electric company
  • Support green initiatives through spreading awareness or joining an organization and making posters to get the word out.

2. Support Local Non-Profit Organizations

There are numerous non-profit groups striving to clean up and prevent oil spills. You can support them either monetarily or through volunteer service.

A few trustworthy nonprofit organizations you could consider supporting include:

  • American Continental 2000
  • American Red Cross
  • Matter of Trust
  • Sierra Club

3. Get Political

It’s nice that there are people out there who contribute to the oil spill cleanup, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to stop it before it starts?

You can do your part to help to prevent oils spills by getting involved in politics. Sign petitions, call your lawmakers, and join grassroots campaigns trying to stop offshore drilling.

4. Educate Yourself, Your Family and Your Community

We all have self-improvement goals. For many of us, this includes making our planet safer for our children and our children’s children. One way to do this is by using the comfort of our own home.

You can start with your own children. Be mindful not to blame or shame them for wanting to do something that uses a lot of fossil fuel, but support them in making better choices in the future. Help them see why it’s in their best interest to take these things seriously.

Empower your community through local activism or speaking to any groups you’re involved in. Demonstrate how fun and rewarding it can be to get involved.

Many people ask themselves, “how can we prevent oil spills?” The answer is by doing something. Even committing to one of these things listed above can make an impact.

Protecting Our Future

As we move forward as a human race in want of a healthy Earth, we should never stop asking ourselves, “how can we prevent oil spills?”

Do your part. Creating a healthier planet starts today.