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Your Ultimate Buying Guide to 2017’s Top Fishing Rods

top fishing rodsTime for a fishing gear update?

A new rod can make all the difference in how much you catch.

To help you reel in more fish than ever, we’ve compiled the ultimate buying guide to the best rods of 2017. Check out the year’s top fishing rods as reviewed in this post.

Get ready to have some fun and come away with an awesome “Catch Of The Day” — every time.

Top Fishing Rods of 2017

1. Supertrip Fishing Pole and Reel

With a verified resistance of up to 24 pounds, this fishing pole is equipped to handle even your biggest catch.

It’s also on the smaller side, which makes this a great rod for ease of transportation. The carbon fiber material is durable and strong. Plus, a padded handle allows for comfort while fishing all day.

There’s even a hidden compartment in the handle to hold your small fishing gear. If you’re looking to try your hand at conventional fishing instead of FlyRods, this is a great pole to start with.

2. Saint Croix Bass X

This is a great bass fishing rod at an excellent value. Clocking in at around $100, this affordable rod doesn’t skimp on quality.

The matte black finish is adorned with silver and blue lettering for a classic look. Plus, the sensitivity and casting ability of this rod is great, even when compared to much more expensive options.

3. Whisker Seeker Chad Ferguson

If you’re going for catfish, you know you need the right kind of rod to get the job done.

At 9.5 feet, this rod will do the trick. It can handle even the toughest catfish with ease.

Although it’s great as a casting rod, the Whisker Seeker can also handle drift fishing and bottom bouncing. For a powerful rod that won’t let you down, this is the perfect choice.

4. Fitzgerald Rods Vursa

Although this fishing rod was designed with bass in mind, it’s also an excellent choice for catching trout and panfish.

Since these fish are smaller, sensitivity is key, and the Fitzgerald Rods Vursa won’t let you down. You’ll feel the smallest signals in your hand, making sure you never miss a bite.

This pole also has nice casting distance and tough guides that will last for years to come.

Although it’s a little on the pricier side, we think this pole is well worth the cost.

5. Okuma SCT Musky

If you’re looking to catch muskies, this Okuma rod takes the cake — and the fish.

SCT stands for Spiral Carbon Technology. This means there is a spiral of carbon in the middle of the rod, giving it extra durability and strength.

Coupled with great sensitivity and beautiful casting, the new technology really sets this rod apart, making it a great investment for 2017.

Ready To Go Fishing?

If you’re like us, all this talk about the top fishing rods of the year has you ready to get out there and catch something.

No matter what fish you’re going for, you’ll find the rod that works for you thanks to this year’s great options.

Of course, finding the right rod is only half the battle!

Make sure you read up on the maintenance and other information you need to know about fishing and fishing rods before your next trip.