How to Start a Blooming Career as a Budtender

budtenderDid you know there are 8 states in the U.S. where recreational marijuana is legal? The state of Colorado reported $506 million in sales since the product hit the shelves.

Not to mention medical marijuana is legal in 28 states, which means the business is pulling high revenues and creating jobs.

Are you a marijuana enthusiast and looking to make a career as budtender?

This guide will give you an idea on how to start a career in the marijuana dispensary industry.

Budtender? Is that a Real Thing?

You’ve probably heard of a dispensary, which are professional places that resemble more a pharmacy than smoke shops.

A budtender is like the pharmacist of a dispensary. They are the experts and have extensive knowledge of the product and their goal is to help the consumer find the best product.

What Skills are Required?

Most dispensaries will want their budtenders to be the best of the best. Afterall, they have an important job, to sell while putting the customer’s needs first.

There’s no right way to become one. They’ll want you to gain experience or go through the certification.

The certification program will provide courses and basic information needed to get you started. Some of the skills you’ll learn include:

  • The medicinal side of marijuana
  • laws and regulations
  • The different jobs in the industry
  • Career training
  • How to grow marijuana in different environments

Careful with choosing a certification program, for there’s not a specific one approved by dispensaries. In fact, it’s always a good to speak to the specific dispensary of your choice and ask about their preferences.

If you’re to work your way up, you could always begin as a cashier.

What Will Set You Apart?

Get to know the product. Everything begins with the plant, so be ready to explain where the plant was grown, extracted, and the strand.

Asking the right questions will ensure you give your customer the one-on-one attention required to figure out their medical marijuana needs.

Stay on top of current trends. Read the latest blogs, attend marijuana conferences and meet the best people in the industry. See for yourself what the people are saying about concentrates, infused products, and so much more.

Have a story to sell but be genuine. Don’t tell people what they need to hear just to make a sale. Remember some most of them are there because they’re in pain.

Telling them a certain type helped your back pain won’t do much good to them if it’s not true.  Act with knowledge and compassion.

There’s nothing worse than someone who can’t identify a medical marijuana and an adult user. Their needs are different so you need to switch your expertise to accommodate them.

If you’re serious about a career in the industry, it’s important you maintain knowledgeable with recent recreational and medical marijuana law changes. Consulting an attorney that specializes in cannabis can help you keep current with legal requirements.

Ready to Start?

With the rapid growth of the dispensaries, there will be many opportunities for growth.

Budtenders are an essential part of the experience and customers rely on them to find the right products.

Think you have what it takes? This is the right time for you to get started.

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