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How to Get a Job in the Timeshare Industry (or the Timeshare Exit Industry)

timeshare industryThe timeshare industry in the United States is an $8.6 billion dollar industry. In other words, there are opportunities. There is money to be made.

In fact, as noted by Indeed.com, the average salary of a full-time timeshare sales representative is $77,000.

Read on, and you’ll find even more information about a career in the timeshare or timeshare exit industry.

Careers in the Timeshare Industry

Are you interested in the hospitality industry and enjoy working with people? Do you consider yourself to be an enthusiastic and high-energy person?

As Primo Management Group points out, “there’s nothing better than a relaxing holiday in a beautiful location.” Well, what if you could work there?!

If you’ve answered yes to either of the questions above, a career in the timeshare industry might be just the opportunity for you.

Below are a few helpful tips to take into account when pursuing a job in the timeshare industry.

1. Knowledge is key.

In order to sell something, you need to fully understand it. If you are not familiar with or don’t understand it, closing a sale will only be that much harder. And remember, coffee is for closers!

Consider getting a degree in hospitality, business, marketing, or a related field. This will give you some knowledge and insight into how to sell and will provide you with a competitive advantage some of your peers won’t have.

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge in these areas, take a look at our marketing and sales courses and get started now!

2. Get a Job!

While working towards your degree, it’s wise to get a job in the travel industry. It can be in any capacity! All you need to do is gain some experience. Getting a job in the travel industry is also a good way to help you decide whether or not it’s the right industry for you, too.

3. A License May be Required.

Depending upon which state you are located in, you may need to invest in either a real estate or time sharing sales/agent license. In some states, the real estate license will be covered by its respective real estate division.

Already have a real estate license? Take a look at our blog for 5 resources to help you become a better realtor.

Timeshare Exit Jobs

Another possible career option can be found in getting people out of their timeshares. Timeshares are not for everyone.

You might not know, but there are often added expenses like maintenance fees and fees to rent out or exchange your timeshare. These are one of the primary cons of purchasing a timeshare, as they will need to be paid regardless of whether it’s used or not.

Have you ever made a purchase and instantly suffered from buyer’s remorse? Imagine that, but having signed a contract you can’t easily get out of.

By choosing a career in timeshare exits, you are choosing to help people. Pursue a career in the timeshare exit industry, and you can help them find the assistance and resolution they are seeking!

A Final Note

There are many great career opportunities in the timeshare and timeshare exit industries. Perhaps you have a natural inclination and talent to sell. Or, you may want to help people reduce their financial burdens and increase their quality of life.

If you are looking to increase your own quality of life or expand your skill set, take a look at our online courses! Whether you are interested in the timeshare industry or something else, we have a course for you.