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How to Get Your Feet Wet in the Drone Business

drone businessEntering the drone business has recently become a popular idea among entrepreneurs.

As the drone market is expected to be worth well over $120 billion by 2020, it’s certainly a good time to get into the drone business.

But where is the best place to start?

Don’t worry — we’re here to help you figure it all out.

Keep reading to learn how to find the perfect entry point into the drone business, no matter your specific interest or industry experience.

Get Into Drone Photography and Filming

Whether you’re an expert photographer/filmmaker yourself, or just want to head up a professional drone photo/film company, this is a wonderful place to enter the drone market.

Drone film/photography is incredibly popular, because it’s a much less expensive way to get those coveted aerial shots — no need to rent out a helicopter anymore.

Plus, it’s not the cost of the initial drone that matters. As long as you invest in high-quality film/photo equipment, you can use a much more affordable drone to launch it into the sky.

Drone photo/film work is popular in a variety of markets. Think nature and landscape shots, real estate, television, and even wedding photography.

Plus, if you have children, you can help them to discover their creative side by experimenting with drone film/photo opportunities. The hubsan x4 h107c drone is perfect for kids, but it’s a model that you can learn on, as well.

You’ll be able to build up a client book from many different walks of life quickly — and rake in the profits.

Consider Entering the Delivery Business

Another great idea for your drone company?

A drone delivery service.

Now more than ever, people love to shop online — whether individual consumers or small businesses. In fact, even huge companies like Domino’s Pizza and Amazon have already started looking into the drone delivery market.

How amazing would it be to land a company of that size as a client? Talk about set for life.

Interestingly, one of the biggest challenges when it comes to drone delivery is the landing itself. Many companies are concerned that their products will be crushed or otherwise damaged during the landing.

If you can find a way to guarantee a soft landing, as well as set up an alert system to eliminate security woes, you’ll be in big business.

Drone Inspections

While delivery and photography/filming are wonderful ideas, there are markets out there looking to use drone technology to keep an eye on things.

Drone inspections are increasing in popularity among contractors, who can use them to check out chimneys, roofs, and other dangerous spots without having to put their lives at risk.

Plus, they may be able to identify additional problems with the building — which means more money for them. Point being, they’ll certainly be eager to use your services.

Start Your Drone Business Today

When you’re ready to get your drone business off the ground, you’ll need a little extra help.

Taking an online business course can help you to land investors, learn how to pitch to clients, draft a perfect business plan, and much more.

Check out our website to learn about the courses we have available to help you get your drone company flying.