how to get clients

How to Get Clients: A Guide for New Digital Marketers

how to get clientsYou’re creatively brilliant and you’re ready to go! But you’re not quite sure how to get clients.

It can be tough to start out, and there are lots of mistakes that new digital marketers can make.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Here are a few tips on how to get clients and turn them into even more clients.

Don’t Forget About Off-line Marketing

As someone who eats and breeds digital every single day, you might find this a little bit surprising. There is still a lot of value in offline networking. Yes, actually going out and shaking hands with your business card. Mind blowing, we know.

Google the networking events in your area. Attend them, and bring your A-game. Don’t be disappointed if they don’t immediately lead to client work.

Sometimes it can be the “hockey assist,” where this event leads to somebody bringing you to another person.

Leave Your Clients Saying “Wow”

Digital marketing is incredibly referral-based. So you’re only as good as the last job. You need to wow them.

Remember, part of that journey for your client is not just the work you did, it’s the level of service you gave them. Do they have to wait too long for revisions? These are things people remember when they’re deciding who is worthy of a good word.

Don’t Ask for More Business – Find It

Repeat business is also another key revenue stream when you’re starting out as a digital marketer. And sometimes it’s up to you to make that happen.

Sometimes the client may not be immediately aware of what they need until you ask. So look for more opportunities to do more work. Say, “I noticed your blog hasn’t been updated in a while. Do you need some help with that?”

Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Loss

You’re probably not going to be doing projects for companies like Light Stream Marketing right away. You may have to build your portfolio to get their attention first. And to do that, you may have to take a bit of a loss on some projects.

We’re not saying work for free. We’re saying if you need to take a bit of a hit to do the job perfectly, consider that an investment.

Again, these first few projects will lay the foundation for your future network. This is where all of your referrals will start. This is where your first testimonials will come from.

Yes, spending extra time on these projects will effectively lower of your hourly rate. But it will be worth it.

Be Careful With “Free” Time

You’re going to get a lot of offers to work for free. Lots of freelance job postings and offers will say that their opportunity is “a great chance for exposure.” Well, mini digital marketers have died of exposure.

Yes, working for free can be helpful — sometimes. It’s only recommended if:

  • There is something specific about this business that you want in your portfolio
  • You’re certain this person or company does, in fact, have the contacts they are promising, and this can, in fact, lead to quality real work
  • They are a charity or not for profit and you really do have the time to work on it

Keep in mind what that referral is actually going to look like. If the contacts you get from free work realize that you didn’t charge for the last project, it can be difficult to ask them for the rate you do deserve.

Want to Learn More About How to Get Clients?

Acquiring client work is not just a faucet that you just turn on. It can take a few years to build a fleet of wowed clients, building your portfolio, and picking the right projects before people really start to come to you.

But if you do the work, the results will be there eventually.

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