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5 Online Teacher Tools You Need to Know About

teacher toolsOver the past few decades, the popularity of online classes has exploded. And online classes are not just for college professors anymore either.

For instance, studies indicate that 83% of high schools now offer online classes. In some cases, students can earn their entire high school diploma online.

Even instructors who don’t teach fully online can benefit from online teacher tools. This way, teachers can implement online features to enhance and reinforce concepts learned in the classroom.

Setting Yourself Up for Success as an Online Teacher

One factor online teachers sometimes fail to consider is the difficulty of working from home. Some folks thrive at home. Others are distracted by other responsibilities and entertainment options.

To be successful at home, set up a dedicated spot that is for teaching. This will help you separate out your working time from your home time.

Also, consider the administrative factors and paperwork that you will need to take care of. For example, if you are teaching online as an independent contractor, you may need to use a pay stub creator to get records of your income. This will come in handy if you need to qualify for a car loan or a mortgage.

Puzzle and Game Makers

Games are a great way to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom. This is especially important for online teaching. In these settings, where students might become bored because they are not interacting with students or an instructor.

The internet provides free tools for making customized word searches or crossword puzzles. These games can be a good way to test and practice vocabulary proficiency.

Infographic Makers

One of the struggles of online teaching is creating engaging course content. Simply reading written text can be very monotonous for students. Infographics that show the course content can be an interesting way to deliver information.

You can also use infographics to make your slideshows more engaging. Also, pairing text with images will help students remember the content.

Smartphone Integration

Online tools that integrate with students’ smartphones can also be effective for both online and in-person teachers. Students are going to be on their smartphones anyway. Rather than fighting it, teachers can harness these tools for good.

For instance, teachers can use tools that send questions directly to students phones and allows them to respond in real time. This also helps to get more engagement from your students.

Online Plagiarism Detectors

In addition to tools that will help you develop curriculum and lesson plans, the internet also has tools that will facilitate grading. For instance, an online plagiarism detector will allow you to identify cheating on written assignments.

These tools take the wording from student assignments and search the internet for similar wording. If a student has copied and pasted from an online source, this tool will identify it.

Putting Online Teacher Tools Into Action

With these tools in hand, you will be a more effective online teacher, and your students will be more successful.

If you would like to learn more about teacher tools you can use, contact us. We’ll work with you to find the right resources for your classroom.