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5 Tips for Real Estate Exam Prep You Need to Know

real estate exam prepYou’re passionate about real estate. You’re informed. And you’ve spent hours studying and learning everything you can. But are you ready for the exam?

With some state real estate exams having a 1st-time pass rate as low as 60%, you may begin questioning whether you have what it takes.

But you’ve got this. You can be on the positive side of that 60% statistic by applying these real estate exam prep tips.

1) Get Organized

Preparing for your exam shouldn’t be something you start doing a couple weeks before the exam. It takes time to learn and retain everything you need to know.

You need time for repetition, practical exercises and sharing with others.

Start early and don’t expect to get everything the first time you read through a study guide, book or complete an activity online.

Start early and set aside two uninterrupted hours 4-5 nights a week to dedicate to your future.

2) Get Focused

During your two hours, you may choose to read, take online courses or talk about what you’ve learned with a trusted friend. Regardless of how you do it, this time is sacred.

Turn your phone off. Don’t have a TV or music on in the background. Don’t toggle back and forth between real estate and Instagram.

In order to retain, your brain needs to know that what you’re learning is important and relevant. If you tell your brain otherwise by being distracted, it won’t store what you’re learning as long-term memory.

3) Grab a Partner

There are so many reasons that you need a responsible study partner.

You can:

  • Talk through complex concepts together
  • Quiz each other
  • Teach each other, which enhances learning
  • Keep each other motivated

Find a buddy and meet with them (or Skype) at least once a week for 2 hours to enhance learning.

4) Get Some Sleep

Your memory needs proper sleep to store memories effectively. Pulling all-nighters while you work a full-time day job may reduce your ability to retain.

Sleep does this in two very important ways.

First, it allows the brain uninterrupted time to sort and prioritize. Imagine if the brain were trying to do this while you’re awake. It would constantly get interrupted as you needed to shift brain power to something else.

Second, it files everything in its appropriate spot so that it can be recalled easily later.

While you may have certain obligations, free up your schedule as much as possible to get plenty of sleep. Whether you need to learn more about cash buyers or strict lenders, you’ll be ready for exam day with this real estate exam prep tip.

5) Stay Motivated

This isn’t easy especially if you’ve failed the exam before. But as the saying goes “this too shall pass”. And it passes much faster if you stay focused and motivated to pass that test.

Find a trusted friend who’ll keep you accountable. Create a vision board to remind yourself of what you have to gain. Reward yourself for small victories.

Real Estate Exam Prep

You can pass that exam next time. And these tips show you how to do it. Stay focused. Stay motivated. Remember what you have to gain once you pass that exam.

Pass your exam. Get your license. And do what you love.