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The Art of Article Writing to Increase SERP Ranking

article writingAs a digital marketer, mastering the art of article writing is essential in crafting actionable and high-ranking content. Sadly, the quality of many articles published online is quite abysmal.

Writing quality articles involves a variety of elements, including research, headlines, and formatting. Plus, you need to entice the readers and optimize the piece for search engines to improve your SERP ranking.

In this post, we’re going to share some expert tips on creating quality articles that rank organically.

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1. Optimize Your Article

Before writing your article, you want to ensure you have performed keyword research. You need to find keywords with higher search volume and CPC. Choose the primary keyword and a few secondary keywords for the article.

You can also use tools, such as SEMRush, to find what keywords your competitors are ranking for. Alternatively, pick the top three results ranking for your primary keyword on search engines. This will help you identify their performing keywords, which you can also use.

Write a catchy title for your topic and ensure to include your primary keyword in it. SEO tools, such as Yoast SEO plugin, allow you to create the main title and SEO title. This gives you the flexibility of optimizing the title in the best way possible.

Also, ensure the primary keyword and secondary keywords are inserted within the copy naturally. The target keyword should be in the first paragraph and one of the headers.

2. Format Your Article

When a user searches a term online, search engines take just a few seconds to return the most viable results for the query. The search bots crawl all the pages that have terms related to the user’s search phrase.

Here the format of your article is an important consideration for article writing. You want to ensure that search bots can easily crawl and understand your post. Google is putting more emphasis on the user experience of web properties, and proper formatting helps with that.

Try to avoid huge blocks of texts as this will kill your audience. Instead, try to break the article readable chunks using heading tags. You can use H tags in your article in a hierarchy format. Some people love adding their primary keyword in the h2 tag.

3. Linking Is Important

Both internal and external links in your article help search engines to discover new pages and rank the post. When Google adds your pages to its index, it determines their quality before ranking them for particular keywords.

In SEO copywriting, linking helps to improve the quality of your pages. So, you can add links to other posts on your website to article to improve quality and decrease bounce rate. You can do this manually or by using a tool like SEO Smart Links to insert the links.

External links provide your readers with further reading and add relevancy to your article.

Article Writing – The Takeaway

Taking the time to write quality articles will go a long way in improving your SERP rankings. Use specific and catchy headlines to improve your conversion rate. Also, ensure your articles answer the question that the user has.

In addition to article writing, you want to make sure all other SEO elements are tip-top. For example, check your site speed, invest in link building and optimize your website. These items work collectively to determine your SERP positions.

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