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How to Get Your Real Estate Certification

real estate certificationSo you’ve made the decision to become a real estate agent. It’ll offer you a potentially rewarding career, helping others get into the home of their dreams.

Not to mention, the pay scale for being a realtor can be quite impressive. But whether you’re doing it for the money or the love of real estate, you’re going to need real estate certification.

If you’re serious about committing to this field, then use the following guide to help you earn your real estate agent license.

Check the Real Estate Certification Requirements

Each state has its own set of requirements for real estate licensing. You can visit your real estate commission website, which will detail the prelicensing requirements.

But many states have similarities, such as being at least 18 years old and completing a certain level of education. So we’ll cover some of these below.

Formal Education Requirements

In order to apply for a real estate license, you first need to have real estate certification. There are also age and education requirements in certain states. In other states, being 18 is enough – no need for a high school diploma either.

Prelicensing Requirements

Now, before you can take the real estate state exam, you have to meet certain prelicensing education requirements. For instance, completing a certain number of hours of a course curriculum that’s approved by your state’s real estate commission.

Some states require you to take a post-course exam as well. As long as you achieve a satisfactory score, then you’re good to go for licensure and re-licensure.

Finding a Real Estate Prelicensing Course

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves – first, you need a real estate course. With the right one, you’ll learn how to find homes, market your homes and find hot leads.

Then once you’re a real estate agent, you’ll have access to homes for sale and rent. Then you can capitalize on your own rent to own homes free listings you can offer to prospects.

There are real estate courses you can take online or locally. If you feel you can learn well on your own then a home study course is ideal.

Apply for the Real Estate Agent Exam

It’s important to sign up for this exam quickly – preferably right after you finish your course. There’s a fee you have to pay, which varies from state to state.

In some states, a background check and fingerprinting are required as well. This can take weeks to process, so the sooner you do it the better. You won’t be able to take your exam until this comes back.

Starting Your Career as a Real Estate Agent

Once you’ve completed your real estate certification course and obtained your license, you’re ready to start working. Now, you have to decide whether you want to open your own agency or work for one.

Make sure to continue your education as the years go on, so you can keep your license. And so you can stay up-to-date with modern real estate knowledge.

If you’re still looking for a course to take, check out Ulearning. We offer online courses in a variety of fields. For Instance, you can take up design courses to enhance your marketing skills as a realtor.

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