how to become a lawyer

How To Become a Lawyer and Be Successful

how to become a lawyerBeing a lawyer can be a rewarding career choice. Lawyers defend the innocent from false claims while obtaining justice against the guilty.

No matter the economic conditions, lawyers are always in demand. In the decade ending in 2024, the number of jobs in this profession is expected to increase by 6%.

Becoming a lawyer, however, is no easy task. It requires years of education, training, and a substantial financial commitment.

The work does not stop there, as lawyers must pass licensing exams and frequently take continuing education courses throughout a career.

Read on to learn how to become a lawyer. While the upfront commitment is considerable, the sense of achievement and salary will validate this career choice.

Obtain a Law Degree

This is the first step taken by the majority of prospective lawyers.

Gaining entry into a law degree program is a significant achievement. It is well known that law school admission is extremely competitive and accepts only the highest performing students.

Obtaining a law degree typically takes a minimum of three years for a full-time student. There are some programs that allow for part-time study or distance learning.

Law degree programs have foundational coursework that each college or university emphasizes. These topics include criminal law, administrative law, contracts, property law, equities, trusts, and laws of the European Union.

In addition, students can take specialized courses such as medical malpractice or product liability.

What is Next After Law School?

After successfully graduating from law school, the next step in how to become a lawyer is to take the Legal Practice Course and enter into a hands-on training program.

The intent of the Legal Practice Course is to ensure that prospective lawyers acquired the knowledge required to serve.

There are some things that cannot be learned in the classroom. This is the purpose of training and apprenticeship programs.

Training programs are analogous to internships. These programs will embed a prospective lawyer within a law firm or legal organization. The goal will be to acquire practical legal skills.

These skills include negotiation, advocacy, client relationships, and drafting. Besides these broad skill categories, trainees will learn specific legal processes.

For instance, click here to learn how a lawyer would acquire a grant of probate.

Once a prospective lawyer completes the required education, training, and licensing requirements, the path to a legal career is complete.

What Skills are Required to be Successful?

There is a certain skill set required to be a successful lawyer. Some are just not cut out for the profession.

First and foremost, a lawyer must be a great communicator with a strong degree of self-confidence. Testifying in front of a judge and jury demand this skill.

Additionally, a lawyer must be resilient and thick-skinned. The reality is that every lawyer will lose cases and feel disappointed. The ability to accept defeat, keep fighting for clients, and learn from mistakes cannot be understated.

Other important traits for a lawyer to have are leadership and responsiveness, among many others.

How to Become a Lawyer – Wrapping It Up

The time and financial commitment to become a lawyer are substantial. The education, training, and licensing requirements take many years to complete.

Only the best students with a certain skillset become successful lawyers. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions on how to start your learning path today!