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Out of the Box Ways to Help You Fall Asleep Fast

As many as 40 percent of Americans report that they suffer from insomnia.

And with lack of sleep linked to everything from workplace accidents to obesity and depression, it’s clear that sleep is key to health, focus, and happiness.

If you’re having trouble sleeping and nothing has helped, it’s time you tried these out of the box ways to help you fall asleep fast.

Try The Yoga Squeeze and Release

Exercise before bed might not seem like the way to go to fall asleep.

But, practicing yoga techniques such as Yoga Nidra can increase relaxation and calm a busy mind – perfect for anyone having a hard time switching off.

To adapt Yoga Nidra to help you fall asleep fast, lie in a comfortable position and concentrate on squeezing each muscle individually, starting at your fingertips.

After a few seconds, release the muscle to feel a warm flow of relaxation. Once you’ve squeezed and released the muscle you should think of it as being asleep, so try not to move it afterwards.

By shifting your focus away from your racing mind and onto your body, you should feel your weight pull you down into a deeply relaxing state.

Take Kratom Capsules

Some forms of kratom have a reputation for being stimulants in small doses.

However, a moderate dose of kratom produces opioid-effects which last for several hours. Around 3-5 grams of kratom will reduce anxiety and heightens physical comfort, leading to a highly relaxed state.

Kratom capsules from The Kratom Connection have a higher dosage per capsule than others. This means they’ll help you drift off into a calm dream-like state and fall asleep fast.

Turn Off Your Tracker

Fitness trackers can be a good way to monitor sleep patterns and see how and when events in our lives might impact our sleep quality.

However, as crazy as it sounds, tracking how well we sleep might actually cause us to sleep worse.

By focusing too much on getting a perfect night’s sleep, we can actually increase our anxiety levels. If we consistently fall short of our sleep-targets, we learn to associate our bedrooms with failure. Not to mention, sleep tracking isn’t always accurate and can give us unrealistic expectations.

If you think your tracker is causing you unnecessary sleep-stress then it might be time to switch off.

Clean Your Room

Sorry to sound like your mom, but your cluttered bedroom could be keeping you awake at night.

Your bedroom is the last thing you see before you switch off the lights. Being faced with piles of clothes, boxes and half-opened drawers can cause stress and anxiety about unfinished tasks. And right before bedtime, this anxiety leads to alertness and can make it hard to relax.

So, stop putting it off and tidy your room – you’re sure to thank us when you see how a tidy room can really help you sleep well.

Eat a Late Night Snack

Eating late might sound unlikely to help you sleep.

But, if you’re eating an early dinner and then going several hours without eating anything, your rumbling stomach might be keeping you up at night.

In addition, there are many foods which actually help to induce sleep, such as oatmeal, cherries, and nuts.

And if you’re worried that eating late will cause weight gain, don’t be. While eating more calories than you have expelled during the day does cause weight gain, the time of day that you consume those calories doesn’t matter.

So, if you feel a little hungry in the evening then don’t deny yourself a small snack of around 100-150 calories no later than an hour before bedtime.

Try These Great Ways to Fall Asleep Fast

With these out of the box ways to fall asleep fast, you’re sure to be catching those Z’s in no time.

If you’ve got any questions or comments, contact us for more information.

Sweet dreams!