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How to Find the Best Candidates Looking for a Job

The unemployment rate in the United States currently lies at 4.2%. Albeit an improvement from previous years, it still means a lot of people are out of work. With so many people looking for work and applying for jobs, it can be difficult for a business owner to sift through the many candidates looking for a job.

The process of hiring and training new employees can be costly. If you don’t execute it well and make the right decision, you’ll find yourself continually spending money on new employees when the old ones don’t work out. Don’t waste your money on mistakes, simply hire the right candidate from the get-go.

See a return on your investment by hiring someone who will pay you back through employee productivity. What’s more, hire a candidate that you will get along with and start a healthy employment relationship with. The right candidate can be a positive addition to any work environment.

We’ve done the hiring research for you and have created the ultimate guide on how to find the perfect employee:

1. Make A List, Check It Twice

Create a detailed checklist when hiring an employee. This will help you streamline your hiring process and narrow down your search to find the candidates that have the exact requirements you are looking for. By eliminating candidates that don’t check every mark on your list of qualifications, you’ll spend less time interviewing people that don’t fit all of the requirements.

Get specific about what you need out of this candidate. Are they required to speak another language? Do they need a specific certification? How much experience do you want them to have? Does their education matter?

There are many specifics to put on a checklist for those applying for jobs that will make looking for a job worth their time, and yours. You can hire companies like Slickplan to help your candidate’s with an easy job application process through your website.

2. Carefully Review Resumes and Cover Letters

Hire someone to spend time carefully combing over resumes, cover letters, and job applications. Because you’ve already created a list of need characteristics, this should make it easy for your employee to do some first round screening for you.

Carefully review their skills, qualifications, and characteristics before bringing them in for an interview. Look at job experience and also things like grammar and professionalism via their resume and or cover letter.

This pre-screen process will leave you with only the best to bring in for actual interviews.

3. Ask The Right Questions to Someone Looking For A Job

One of the most important aspects of an interview is finding out exactly what you need to know about the candidate through an interview. Some candidates look fantastic on paper. However, once you physically meet a person you will get a good sense of their energy and personality.

Knowing not only if they are qualified through the proper questions, but how they might gel with you and your co-workers is important. Ask questions about their previous employment, previous issues with employment, and how they like to problem solve.

Entice great candidates to work for you through a great website that they can apply for jobs through.

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Finding the perfect job candidate will be a sweet victory. Through careful screening processes and making your requirements clear, no one will be left with surprises. For more tips, tricks, and ways to make your business a successful one, contact us today!