work life balance for lawyers

How Can Lawyers Achieve Work-Life Balance?

When it comes to working in law, the idea of a “private life” often goes out the window, as lawyers throw themselves into their work.

This is understandable but also a mistake.

Without your own life to fall back on, your work can suffer, and you run the risk of burning out prematurely. You have to have “me time” to make your time in the office worthwhile.

Today, we’ll look at three of the best ways to maintain a healthy work life balance for lawyers.

Decide On, And Stick To Boundaries

As a lawyer, your work lifestyle is bound to get more than a little hectic.

With so much going on at the office, it can be easy to let the pressures and stresses of various projects “follow you home”.

Your first step to finding balance is to set a few boundaries. Decide on a strict work schedule as soon as you start working and do everything you can to maintain it.

This isn’t something that will “just happen”. You need to work at it. Set aside your smartphone for an hour or two when you get home to give yourself an excuse to decompress. Make personal appointments and stick to them.

This will send a clear message to your clients and coworkers that you’re simply not available once the working day is over. Moreover, it’ll send a clear message to you – your personal time is valuable, and you can always get back to work in the morning.

Communicate (And Do It Honestly)

In law, there’s always a reason to do more work. It’s understandable – any law office worth its salt puts their client services first, and that can mean a lot of work for you to do your job properly.

For a great example of “putting your clients first”, look no further than Zanes Law.

You’ve got to make time for your own needs. Work life balance for lawyers starts with you realizing one very important thing: there are also reasons to take care of yourself.

It’s important to be clear with your coworkers, superiors, and clients. The only way they’ll support you in your pursuit to learn a new language or how to salsa dance is if you tell them.

You’ll also be able to come up with creative solutions to any hours you’ll have to take away from clients to focus on yourself. If you don’t try to obfuscate the truth about your schedule to protect your clients you can be honest and find other ways to serve your clients.

Organize And Compartmentalize

Our final step might sound obvious, but it’s the most important one on our list.

Be organized.

At the beginning of each week, make a meticulous list of all the tasks and assignments you have to get through before Friday. Work through these in steps, making sure to complete each step before the end of the working day.

Start by factoring in your personal appointments and making allowances for any surprise tasks that might come up. With this information in hand, make working through your schedule a priority. This leaves less room for error and unexpected tasks, making for a better overall working environment.

Finding A Work Life Balance For Lawyers

Walking a line between hard work and a fulfilling private life is challenging in any professional industry. Law work is no exception.

Above all else, keep one thing in mind: your personal time is important to you and affects the quality of your work. You can always make time for you.

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