8 Steps to Become a Surgeon

Becoming a surgeon is a long process that takes many difficult steps. If being a surgeon is your dream career, then all of the hard work will be worth it.

You might have dreams of being a surgeon, but do you know how to become a surgeon? Keep reading for the 8 general steps on how you can get the career of your dreams.

1. High School Science and Math

It’s never too soon to start focusing your education. While a high school diploma with good grades is sufficient, it’s a good idea to challenge yourself with AP and honors classes. You should especially focus on classes like biology, chemistry, and math.

2. Take Prerequisites for Medical School as an Undergraduate

After getting your high school diploma, the next step is a Bachelor’s degree.

While there is no specific major you must choose to become a surgeon, you should take classes that are required by medical schools. These can include biology, chemistry, genetics, calculus, and sometimes electives like English and psychology.


The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is often taken during your senior year of college. It will test you on a wide variety of knowledge necessary to succeed in medical school.

When thinking about how to become a surgeon, don’t underestimate the importance of getting a good MCAT score: it could determine whether you get into medical school.

4. Work Experience

Besides your college GPA and your MCAT score, medical schools will look at your work experience. Try shadowing some surgeons or doctors, working in a hospital or clinic, or even doing medical research to add some clout to your application.

5. Medical School

The next step is medical school, which is usually a 4-year program. This is where you will begin your medical training.

You’ll be in classes and labs, but you’ll also get to practice medical techniques. You’ll also get to learn about many different specialties that you can choose from once you graduate.

6. Go Through a Residency Program

After graduating, you will be presented with a medical degree. Before you can start performing a no-scalpel vasectomy or an open heart surgery on your own, you must complete a residency.

This is where you will work as a surgeon under the supervision of experienced surgeons and doctors. While medical school will give you an overview of medicine overall, your residency is where you’ll get to focus on surgery as a specialty.

7. Pass Medical Board Exams

In order to be licensed as certified as a doctor, you’ll have to pass medical board exams. This will test your medical knowledge and the training you receive during your residency.

8. Specialty Fellowship

Once you complete your residency, you can opt to complete a fellowship, which is even more specialized training in a specific area of surgery. This could be cardiovascular surgery, plastic surgery, or neurosurgery, just to name a few examples.

Knowing How to Become a Surgeon Is the Easy Part: Now It’s Time to Do It!

These are some basic steps that you will follow if you want to become a surgeon. Now that you know how to become a surgeon, the hard part is completing each step successfully!

But if you have a great work ethic and excellent learning tools, you should be well on your way to becoming a great doctor. If you’re interested in honing your skills and expanding your knowledge with the goal of becoming a surgeon, don’t hesitate to contact us.