workplace drug and alcohol testing

How to Approach Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

Preventing accidents and ensuring safety.

These are things every workplace strives for, no matter the type of work done.

If a company doesn’t already have one in place, here is how to get started with workplace drug and alcohol testing.

Starting a Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

For employees who are already part of the company, this change can take getting used to.

Employers will want to ensure that they are following the law as the implement the program. It is more than drug testing and involves training and education for everyone.

The benefit of doing so is that there is a rule in place for new and future employees.

Here are some important factors to keep in mind when adding workplace drug and alcohol testing.

Create a Short and Effective Policy

It is crucial to have a policy that makes sense. When creating a written policy, several factors are in need of consideration including:

  • Why the policy is being put into effect
  • When the policy will start
  • If individuals are subjected to a search at work
  • If there is any drug testing
  • How the drug testing is conducted
  • If testing will be pre-employment, random, after an accident, or with cause

Having basic answers covered can help a company create a policy that is fair to everyone. Once the policy is complete, all employees should have a copy.

Training and Education

All employees should understand the consequences of using drugs or alcohol and coming to work while under the influence.

Supervisors should have special education sessions where they can learn:

  • Current drugs on the market today
  • Street names for drugs
  • What to look for to tell if an employee is using
  • How to proceed with an employee who is under the influence
  • What the company is using for drug testing

Some companies may have in-house devices to use. Training and education should change to reflect changes in drug culture or policy. Understanding addiction helps gain further insight.

Determine How Testing Will Occur

A company will need to decide how to administer testing for a workplace drug and alcohol testing program.

  • When the testing will take place
  • How often the testing is
  • If testing will take place at the worksite, or at a clinic
  • What types of drugs individuals will be tested for

There are certain types of tests that focus only on one particular type of drug.

Other tests cover a variety, such as the 9panel drug screen. This is useful in cases where several different drugs need to be tested for.

If management suspects an employee is on more than one and needs testing, this is the best choice.

Get Started on Creating a Policy Today

To protect employees and encourage workplace safety, get started today on creating a policy.

By having guidelines for workplace drug and alcohol testing, accidents will not occur. Employees will have a stable work environment.

Check out the products available today, and get started on creating a policy that will keep everyone safe.

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