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Blogs Every Pest Control Professional Should Follow

Staying on top of trends is integral to success in the digital marketplace. In fact, 81% of customers do online research before making big purchases.

Following the latest innovations in our industries establishes brands as thought leaders. Reading blogs is one of the most efficient ways to stay up-to-date and current on the latest topics in our niche. That’s super essential for those looking to continue their online education.

Professional blogs offer a wealth of information for pest control business owners. This helps them stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Whether you’re looking for the latest technological innovations for getting rid of rodents or how to treat a foundation to keep out bugs, these 22 pest control blogs are the best for staying in-the-know.

1. PestWorld

From cutting-edge scientific research to regional news and tips for pest control, PestWorld’s blog is full of knowledge. It should be your first stop for learning everything there is to know about taming vermin.

The site also features a handy pest control professional finder. This makes it easier than ever to find local experts, such as exterminators near Lewisville NC, who can share their knowledge with you.

2. Rentokil’s DeBugging Blog

RentoKil is not merely a global pest control company. It’s also leading the charge in pest control innovation.

Rentokil isn’t just reporting other people’s research. It’s conducting its own via a multi-million dollar Power Centre.

Rentokil’s scientists and researchers created seven simulated commercial environments, from supermarkets to motels. This makes the DeBugging blog an important stop for pest control professionals.

3. AmericanPest Blog

We didn’t even realize “Interesting Silverfish Facts” was a thing!

AmericanPest’s blog can make anything sound interesting. This helps you find the best pest control research and makes the process accessible and even entertaining. Updated several times a week, the blog is an essential, extensive online archive for any pest control professional.

4. Go-Forth Pest Control’s Exterminators Blog

Not every region has the same extermination needs. This makes Go-Forth Pest Control’s tutorials and pest library essential reading for those trying to tame North Carolina’s famously buggy climate.

5. Pest Control India

From muggy North Carolina to the shores of the Ganges River, Pest Control India is another source of both practical pest control information and tutorials, mixed with weird news and facts about pests from around the world. Follow along with Pest Control India’s blog for fascinating anomalies like watching fire ants create a tower out of their own body, for instance.

6. PestManagement Professional

For those that serious about continuing their pest control education onlinePestManagement Professional is a vast archive of tips from pest control professionals. It’s full of scientific knowledge, industry news and insights.

The site also offers extensive tips on how to bring your pest control businesses into the 21st century, making it a must-read for those looking to stay competitive and informed in the pest control industry.

7. Pest Control Devices On TrendHunter

TrendHunter is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to keep tabs on the newest products in any industry. Keep an eye on TrendHunter’s “pest control” tag, to learn about the latest commercial and professional pest control innovations.

8. Pest Control Technology

Another essential source for the latest technological trends in pest control, Pest Control Technology is an absolute must-read for pest control professionals and exterminators. Heavily updated, with several new blog posts a week, Pest Control Technology is evidence of how much there is to know in the extermination industry.

It’s also an essential read for those looking to stay competitive and ahead of the pest control pack.

9. DoMyOwnPestControl.com’s YouTube Channel

Considering that certain audiences can be up to four times more likely to watch a video than read about it, some will prefer an excellent video blog like DoMyOwnPestControl.com’s YouTube Channel. This vlog is a wonderful source of common DIY pest control projects, offering insight into the most common extermination problems customers face. It’s also helpful if you want to learn how to create video content for other pest control blogs, websites, and social media networks.

10. Google New’s Pest Control RSS Feed

Interesting, authoritative pest control content hits the Internet every single day, making blog and website aggregators like Google New’s Pest Control RSS Feed an essential bookmark. Nothing screams “thought leadership” more than posting on a topic mere hours after publication.

Following Google New’s pest control RSS Feed will establish a pest control business as industry experts in the shortest possible amount of time.

11. Pest Magazine

Publishing less frequently than blogs, traditional magazines can be an excellent source of vetted, authoritative information and leading research. Pest Magazine is perhaps the best-researched and annotated pest control resource out there, falling somewhere between a blog and an academic journal, with something to offer for readers of both.

12. /r/Pest_Control

While almost the opposite of Pest Magazine’s expertise, the crowd-sourced /r/Pest_Control subreddit is still a useful source of pest control news, thoughts, and advice. Message boards like Reddit can be a wonderful place to find ideas for blog posts or articles for a pest control website, as pest control professions and customers alike speak candidly on their problems.

13. Catseye Blog

Rising from a two-person mom-and-pop operation in 1987, New York exterminators Catseye have been exploring pest control innovation for 30 years. They share their experience and insight on the Catseye Blog with everything from an extensive online pest library to the latest product reviews, all shared in a conversational and understandable way.

14. Hulett Environmental Services

Florida is a pest paradise, with over 500 types of insects listed in the Insect Investigation Guide.

Sometimes, an exterminator needs to be an entomologist as well, making Hulett Environmental Services’ blog an essential read for those looking for expert advice from a bug scientist. Founded by entomologist Timothy Hulett, Hulett Environmental Services’ blog stands somewhere between an encyclopedia and a journal of interesting insect-related ephemera, like this post on Halloween giving spiders a bad reputation.

15. Pest Cemetery Blog

Another veteran from the frontlines of Florida’s marshland, Pest Cemetery’s Jerry Schappert is as knowledgeable about rural pest control as bigger city vermin. Schappert shares his experience with everything from mold to mice to things not to do with foggers in a relatable – even entertaining – way.

16. Rose Pest Solutions

An extermination company since 1860, Chicago’s Rose Pest Solutions is the oldest extermination company in the United States. In business for over 150 years, it’s stayed on the cutting edge.

The company shares a century-and-a-half of experience via the Rose Pest Solutions’ blog. They also feature a deep archive of useful extermination resources.

17. Modern Pest Services

Anyone seeking a way to market B2B pest control services would do well to check out ModernPest’s blog. This Maine extermination company specializes in custom pest control plans. This makes their blog an essential read!

18. Adam’s Pest Control

Different geographic regions have particular pest control needs. Being a frozen arctic tundra for nearly half the year, Minnesota is a hotbed for cold weather vermin, especially rodents. Minnesota’s Adam’s Pest Control blog is an essential encyclopedia for anyone looking to prevent mice and squirrels. It will also help you deal with those shrews and hedgehogs!

19. Vulcan Termite & Pest Control

Termites can be one of the costliest infestations to incur, eating away at expensive hardwood floors and furniture. Vulcan’s Termite & Pest Control blog offers extensive resources for dealing with termites. Their guide to other insects regional to Alabama that might also come in handy!

20. Pest Control News

Pest Control News is a highly useful source of trending pest control topics, but it’s also a leading resource in why pest control matters. It’s an essential addition to every pest control blogroll.

21. AllGood’s Pest Solutions Blog

Allgood’s Pest Solution Blog is a great example of how generosity can help a brand image. AllGood post DIY pest control articles, while still commenting on the risks of DIY.

22. International Pest Control Magazine

International Pest Control Magazine offers a comprehensive global perspective on pest control. Pest control is a planetary issue. Irresponsible products or techniques impact the entire ecosphere. International Pest Control Magazine publishes every other month, earning a reputation as pest control innovators for over 55 years.

Wrapping Up Our Pest Management Blog Reviews

If you’re in the pest management industry, you want to stay up to speed on the latest news and trends shaping your position.

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